What I Read On WP & Why 6: Revenge of the Six

Hello dear reader(s)!

Before I get to the blogs, I think we should all take a minute to congratulate my beloved Chelsea (as if I own them) for their brilliant clinching of the BPL title, for never being out of first place, and for being the most kick-ass football (soccer) team in the history of history.  Also, to have done it when the news cycle is dominated by a stupid boxing match of one has-been running away from another in order to win, I think it is great to show the world real sport.  Gee, can’t tell I’m a Chelsea fan, can you.  Anyway, back to business.

I’m getting a little tired of these posts, in all honesty.  It seems as though my dear reader(s) already follow the same blogs that I do.  Oh well, I guess that is one of the dangers of running in semi-like-minded circles.  As always, if you haven’t yet seen your blog, and know that I view, like, and/or comment on your posts, don’t worry, I’m sure I will get to you, at some point in the semi-near future.

So ready?  Ok-ay.  (Cheerleader style, because, why not?)

The Old Liberal  I just started following this blog because I am tired of hateful, racist, defenses of the indefensible and am looking for an alternative voice.  I have always believed I was more centrist but left leaning, but as the right goes into the territory of fascism, I find myself allying more and more with those on the left.  To put it simply, I am more concerned with people getting what they need than I am with people possibly getting what they may not deserve.  This blog states views and opinions in a concise, easy to read way.  The DNC could learn from the writing.

Owl Wonder (I don’t know how to do the star thingy.)  Another recent follow, this blog is a lot of fun.  Fun craft-type projects.  Some very fun and interesting facts on…hmmm, I wonder…OWLS.  Funny videos, baseball posts.  Pure entertainment with a bit of trivia thrown in.  Especially cool if you or anyone you know (my mom) loves owls.

johnjzokovitch  This blog is amazing.  Wonderful writing.  Sometimes stories, sometimes poetry, sometimes memoirs.  All have a little tiny, almost imperceptible at times piece of thread that holds them together.  To see the struggle going on with everyday good people, who have done nothing but try to play out the hand that they have been dealt, and to reveal that many people have been dealt hands that would break those that dare to criticize.  This blog is basically a message for human compassion, to opening one’s mind about the human experience, whether the author always intends it that way or not.

aghostdancer  Michelle is honest, at times so honest it can make you uncomfortable, and that is a good thing.  Because that feeling of discomfort needs to be felt on occasion for those who may forget what it is like to have struggled with depression or wondering what the point of life is.  Or for those fortunate enough to have never struggled with those issues themselves.  Her voice is important and I’d recommend her blog for that alone.  But there is much more to this blog.  Her post, The American Experiment is a must read.  I do not always share her views, (although I’m right with her on this one), but they are always appreciated and well written, well thought-out discussion points.

theoldfellowgoesrunning  Am I a runner?  No.  I am just getting to the point to where I can regularly take walks again.  Even before my cancer I wasn’t a runner.  I could sprint, but I didn’t actually run-run.  I ran when I played American football, I ran and tripped and fell when I tried to play world football (soccer).  But I was never an actual runner.  Does it matter?  No.  Because 1.  Not only is this blog not just about running.  But… 2.  Even when the posts are about running they are more inspirational, compassionate (like the post about being helped to the finish), or entertaining.  They are about reaching your goals and trying your best.  And if the run relates to life than that is what it is.

Perspectives On…  Another fairly recent, but not extremely recent follow, this blog is appealing in many ways.  Fist, I have always wanted to windsurf.  Growing up in Northern Nevada, there is no regular wave surfing, so windsurfing (usually on Washoe lake where if you fell in the water you’d come out with a lovely rash) was where it was at.  We’d go out and watch the windsurfers all the time as a kid when I wasn’t chasing the butterflies.  Another reason is the pictures and stories from the Sacramento, CA area.  Sacramento is the poor Reno person’s road trip destination.  Many a weekend I have spent wandering around the river, or Old Town, or the K Street Mall (right next to Old Town) so it is always fun to see places I recognize and have had fun at.  And then there is just the good photography and great writing.  A great blog, especially when you want to get away from the negative.

Well there it is.  I’m going to do a 7.  Because there are many more blogs I follow, and maybe someone will find them and like and follow and send me that Tesla Model S.  It will likely be a week from today, no guarantees because my life has been full of ups and downs and occasionally I will focus the posts on the things meaningful to me and that alienate all of you.  Oh well, my blog-type thing.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “What I Read On WP & Why 6: Revenge of the Six”

  1. As individuals I can’t see anytime when we’d always be in agreement. I also don’t see a reason to be irrational with disagreeement. I’m always glad when someone posts comments both liking and disagreeing. It’s in our disagreements that we learn new things.

    I’m happy you follow. Thank you for the beautiful introduction. I guess all we can really do in the end is be true to ourselves. I find it best like you to try and like free of prejudice and hate. But no one is ever perfect are we.

    Giving you a follow and a read too. So many I still need to catch up with. Again thanks for the real nice words. Peace and hugs.. Michelle

    Liked by 2 people

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