I’m Really Scared

Your camo gear from Cabella’s and your militia fellas, watching Fox News to get your hate on but can’t put down that bon-bon, can barely lift your gun to aim, out of breath out of the game, you think that you’re a threat but I haven’t met one yet, stick your dick in the barrel for gratification blaring a Rush Limbaugh station, married to your Glock compensating tiny cock, not afraid of you and why, I’m simply not afraid to die, I’ve been there before I’ve been right at death’s door, I’m looking at you you’d never make it through, go take your fucking gun don’t need it for my fun, don’t want your rights but if you want a fight, any fucking time your gun against my mind, close the distance and put my fist in, before you get a shot is that really all you got, you want to start the shit well now you’re right in it, your little group is through there’s more of us that you, ain’t coming for your arms but still you mean us harm, I’m a damn survivor fuck that I’m a thriver, we’ll see how you fared I’m really fucking scared.

Apparently, I’ve still got some unresolved feelings over The Twitter Incident.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “I’m Really Scared”

      1. I got a nasty comment from some random on WordPress and it scared me so bad, you could feel the hate. And it was in response to something I had innocently said about child development – which I actually know quite a bit about. It was just so acidic and mean. I don’t get people, they are a real puzzle to me!!!

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      2. Heck, I’m not all that strong myself, what with recovering still and all. But have you SEEN some of these people? Not trying to shame anyone’s body, but seriously, the military trains, these guys…well…I guess the shoot.

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  1. Wow that was quite the twitter thing. I do not do twitter, heck I have enough with my teeny tiny facebook (so I can check in on my girls, sisters and nieces, aunts and uncles that’s about it) The blog is enough for me to do. I did have one incident and told my husband it was just a bit creepy. He said (he is against anything online) you should not do anything online you know how stuff happens to you all the time. He may have a point after reading your post I may be a tad more careful…or not. Still no twitter for me. Take care

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