Addicting Info – Texas School Forces 5-Year-Old Girl To Cover Her ‘Apparently Immoral’ Shoulders (IMAGE)

Addicting Info – Texas School Forces 5-Year-Old Girl To Cover Her ‘Apparently Immoral’ Shoulders (IMAGE).

Hello dear reader(s)!

This is your country.  What is next, burqas?  Shaming a little girl for a perfectly acceptable dress?  A little girl, in a class with boys who at that age likely have no concept of sex?  How immoral, this dress, that is acceptable anywhere else and would only make the most evil of pedophiles associate it as sexual.  This is your country.  Your country who is electing representatives that deny scientific fact, remove things they deem offensive from history and science books, and teaching girls their bodies are not their own, and something to be ashamed of.

It’s a fucking sun dress.  A sun dress.

Texas apparently has more in common with Saudi Arabia than just oil.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “Addicting Info – Texas School Forces 5-Year-Old Girl To Cover Her ‘Apparently Immoral’ Shoulders (IMAGE)”

  1. Yeah. When we lived in Georgia (hotness) I sent Sassy to kindergarten in a tank top, knit pants, and a hoodie. At recess, when it was about 90 degrees, the teacher wouldn’t let her take her hoodie off, because spaghetti straps.
    She looked just like any BOY kindergartner from the waist up. I was angry, but it was in the dress code, so I was in error. I just never thought that it would be a problem.

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  2. Wtf? At a public school? I thought when I opened the link, “well maybe it’s a private Christian school, they’re within their rights blah blah” but nope. Sigh.

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  3. The reason that Muslim women are forced to wear tents is because the men in their society don’t think they’re strong enough to resist temptation. I guess those who make these rules in Texas have the same problem. Dress code and morality… seems more like a religious problem in the “freedom-loving” state of Texas.

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  4. Most of the kids over here have to wear school uniform at that age, and in the summer they have little gingham dresses so we don’ really have this problem. However, I really can’t understand why this little girl can’t wear the dress when it is boiling hot! What is wrong with people?!

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