What I Read On WP & Why, Part 5…WP Strikes Back!

Hello dear reader(s)!

So I do apologize for my lateness.  Things have been going on in the House o’ Josh and Hannah that have taken my attention and focus as well as my desire to do anything involving the use of my brain or actual work.  As I am feeling just a tiny bit better today (knock on wood, or some other superstitious action), I have decided it was once again time to revisit an old friend.  That old friend is the What I Read On WP & Why Series™ (Just kidding, I really haven’t Trademarked it).  Anyway, I think you’ll find this edition particularly enjoyable as the action takes place on an ice planet (because it is freaking cold here!) and our heroes are fighting for the very survival of their blogs against the forces of the WP Empire.  (Okay, not like WP is attacking their blogs or their blogs are somehow struggling, I just thought I’d drop in a Star Wars reference to punch up the excitement.)  Speaking of which, have you seen the new trailer?  Pretty cool in an extremely uncool sort of way.

So, if you would like to read episodes I-IV (which include the awful prequels), you can do so by clicking these regular numbers, respectively.  (Or don’t respect them, see if I care.)  1, 2, 3, 4.  See how easy that was?


Our heroes

are blogging against

powerful forces known as the rest

of WP and the entirety of the intertube webs.

Desperate for page views, they churn out great content

In the hopes their blogs can survive against the brutal attacks.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher  No, not The Return of the Jedi.  This blog is one of the few that I actually discovered on Freshly Pressed, the system I so love to make fun of.  Doesn’t matter.  This blog is always funny, very thoughtful.  Maybe a little philosophical, but always a great read.  The most recent post was a humorous poem about the great Lloyd Dobler (Lloyd, Lloyd, all null and void) from the movie Say Anything (a favorite in my house) that actually has a great message about confidence and going after what it is you want.  Seriously great.  Read this, and you won’t have to hang out behind the Gas n’ Sip.

nihongojapango  The tag line for this one is, “All I know and don’t know about Japan”, but it is actually extremely informative about Japan, from the perspective of someone who may be new there.  From beautiful (and I mean beautiful) pictures to very interesting and informative articles, it really showcases the country in a way that is unique because the author isn’t Japanese and isn’t just visiting.  Also, it isn’t always about Japan.  There is a photo feature of Morocco currently, and one of Nepal before that.

ParParv  A fashion blog?  Seriously Josh, you read a fashion blog?  A fashion blog geared toward women at that?  Well…yes, and no.  You see this isn’t just a fashion blog.  It is also a blog of entertainment, pop culture, Vancouver, B.C. (the only city I have been fortunate enough to visit outside of the US), film, music, books, pop culture.  I remember reading an article of hers that I thought made her a more journalistic competitor to something like the E channel.  Not as gossipy, or wanting to tear down the fallen, just informative and entertaining in the world of fashion and entertainment.

Yellow. Fever.  This blog is hilarious, and also kind of scary.  What I mean by the scary thing, is that there are many examples of how this strong young woman is regularly encountering the creepiest of the creepers.   I thank my parents that I am not a young woman in today’s society because of what I have read on this blog.  The things done to her by men and other women who all cant keep their hormones under control is just icky.  But, her handling of the situations with humor and exposing them to the blogosphere makes for some serious fun reading.

viCARIously speaking  The only problem I have with this blog is that when Cari leaves a comment it appears in my notifications and looks like it says Carl.  (Thanks WP for that font choice.)  Seriously though, from posts about bee-keeping to recipes, to funny stories about getting sunburnt and the graphic description of the peeling process, this blog is always worth a view.  She also has a category called Jameson-isms (no, they are not about getting drunk) that are about some of the funny things her son has done.  I bring this up because Hannah has some quirks that we refer to as Hannah-isms, and as soon as I remember all of them, I will be posting about those.  So of course, I am going to think that is awesome.

S.D. Gates  Here is another blog that somehow has dropped off my Reader and I have to continuously check if I am still following.  And that pisses me off because I do not like to miss these posts.  The topics range all over the place.  The consistency is in the writing.  Always well-written, always interesting, always unique, this blog is one of my favorites, when I can actually find it.  The words don’t exist for how angry I get when searching the Reader and coming back to where I left off, and then finding out that I missed posts from this blog and some of the other ones I have mentioned.  I just really can’t say enough good things about the writing on this one.

So that’s today’s episode.  Sorry it is a few days late, but the fact that I am still posting at all at this point should be a good sign.  Go forth (or fifth, or even sixth) and check out these wonderful blogs.  Don’t forget to like, and follow (if you wish), tell them I sent you, and then send me gifts.  A Tesla Model S, for example.  Until next time…


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

16 thoughts on “What I Read On WP & Why, Part 5…WP Strikes Back!”

      1. If you remember, CARL is my drunk alter ego. So getting notifications from either CARI or CARL is pretty much the same thing, depending on when I’m responding, lol. I do get called Carl all the time though… the worst was when a gate guard inspected my ID and said “have a nice day, CARL”. I just sat there and stared at him. Dumbass. I promise I don’t look like a dude.

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  1. Reblogged this on viCARIously speaking and commented:
    For only beginning my blogging adventure a few short months ago, it came as a real surprise to be mentioned in Josh’s “What I Read On WP & Why” string. I have started following a lot of great bloggers due to Josh’s suggestions. To be held in those same regards is nothing short of moving. Check out ‘My Friday Blog’… you won’t be disappointed!!


  2. Honestly, I am stunned. How cool is this?!!! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog. And the fact that you go searching for my post is the ultimate in coolness and such a compliment!!!!!! You are the BEST!!!!!!!

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  3. Thanks for the shoutout! I love reading your blog and I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my blog’s name on this post! Thanks for the blog suggestions, they look great!

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  4. Very flattered and chuffed. Thank you. I always get some good recommendations for good reads from your What I read posts so look forward to them. Got a wee tear in my eye when I saw mine there! Arigatou gozaimasu!

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