My Mind Is Filled With Useless Crap

Hello dear reader(s)!

Thanks to Chris over at Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog, I have realized that I have way too much useless information floating around in my head, and not enough actual, useful information.

The linked to post is a little test of questions that are not what one would exactly think given the wording.  All you need is 4 out of 10 to pass.  (Which we all know is actually 40% and therefore an F, but for this test, they ease the rules a lot.)  I managed to get 5.  So should I feel proud of myself for getting 5 answers right when all it takes is 4 to pass, and it is rare for someone to pass?

On the contrary.  I am rather unhappy about it?


Let’s look at the answers that I got right.

1.  How long did the Hundred Years’ War Last?  116.

3.  From which animal to we get cat gut?  Horse and sheep.

4.  In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?  November.

7.  What was King George the VI’s first name?  Albert.  (And I actually have no idea how I knew that one.)

10.  What is the color of a commercial airplane’s black box?  Orange.

Now, here is the important part.  None of this information will ever help me go further in life in any single way.  None.

Do you know I can tell you what TDMA stands for?  It stands for Time Division Multiple Access.  It was the way cellphone providers used to have their networks set up.  It is commonly referred to as 2G wireless technology.  1G was analog.  Did you know that GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications?  Well, actually, that is the English translation, the original term is French but means roughly the same thing.  Did you know that 4G is actually not 4G?  Well, it is now, but was originally intended to define wireless data transfer speeds of 1 Gigabit.  HSPA, (High Speed Packet Access) HSPA+, HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) were marketed as 4G despite not meeting the original speed definition of the International Telecommunication Union.  AT&T who was a union member marketed their HSPA and HSPA+ phones as 4G anyway, arguing that it was an advancement over 3G technology and their competitors quickly followed suit in order to prevent being left behind.  They then lobbied the ITU to have the 4G definition changed to meet their technology.  If anything, the current 4G technology should be called 3.5G.  Do you know how any of this can be applicable to any money-making endeavor?  It won’t.  Ever.  It means nothing now.  Unless the world suddenly becomes in need of historians for the US Wireless Industry, this information is useless.  Not only that, but it is widely available from anyone who has ever gone through a Wireless Customer Service training and didn’t immediately forget all the irrelevant details.

Do you know what 0118999881999119725…3 is?  It is the fake telephone number for Emergency Services for Episode 2 (Calamity Jen) of The IT Crowd.  Yes, I have it memorized.  Why?  I really, really have no idea.  How will that ever help me in life?  Sure, I can make people laugh when I sing it like Moss does on the show, if they happen to have seen the show, and remember that scene…but that does not happen very often.  Why does this take up space in my brain?

I can tell you that the predecessor to Chiquita Bananas was largely responsible for instigating a coup of a Democratically elected Chilean government.  I can tell you that John Scopes was not just a teacher who believed in evolution that got arrested for teaching his beliefs but was specifically trying to get arrested in order to challenge the Constitutionality of the Butler Act, which prohibited the teaching of evolution is Tennessee’s public schools.  I can tell you that Rosa Parks was also an activist working with the NAACP, and she was not the first person to challenge the Montgomery City Bus segregation.  That was Claudette Colvin who was purposely arrested nine months prior to the Rosa Parks incident.  Her case is the case that got the law overturned.  She does not get the credit because she was a teenager at her time of arrest and had become pregnant while unmarried.  The NAACP worried that, given the norms of the time, she would not be a good public face for the struggle.  The “First-lady of the Civil Rights Movement” was a poster-child.  Interesting right?  But, I ask you, how is that ever going to help me in any way?

Will any of this qualify me for a job (should I eventually be deemed healthy enough to work again)?  When looking for an employee for your company, is this the information you are going to ask in an interview?  Can I invent a new product based on this?  Can I translate it into some unique service I could offer that anyone would pay for?

Now ask me about something important.  Ask me how to code in CSS (if people are still even using CSS), ask me how to create a strategy for investing with little or no starting capital.  Ask me who that person I just a met a few days ago, and may be an important person to know is.  Ask me how to design and build microprocessors.  Ask me about the tax code.  Ask me about writing legislation.  Ask me about incorporating a business.  Ask me about marketing strategy, search engine optimization, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Ask me anything useful.  Ask me how to build cabinetry and the different types of joints in carpentry.  Ask me how to properly run plumbing throughout a house or commercial building.  Ask me anything that can be useful information in this life.  I don’t know the answers.  Why?  Because 0118999881999119725…3.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

10 thoughts on “My Mind Is Filled With Useless Crap”

  1. My brain hurts a little bit.
    I am also full of useless information, but I didn’t know any of the answers except that the black box is orange. (And I only knew that because of another blogger!)
    Then again, my brain is full of useful-to-me-and-many-others information, and I get to impart it on the daily.
    For free 😉 LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhhhh dear, As I read the IT crowd comment and the word telephone number a very annoying wee jingle ending in oh”oh 800 83 83 83″ popped into my head, sung i might add to an annoying wee tune,totally unbidden. It is the toll free number for Pizza hut in NZ. I havent lived in NZ for the last 4 years and I have never ordered Pizza Hut but I know their number????????? Love IT Crowd by the way, not so much Pizza hut.

    Liked by 1 person

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