What I Wouldn’t Do For You People

Hello dear reader(s)!

What do you mean by “you people”?

Well, I mean you, my dear reader(s)!  You see, I have shared my struggles, my hopes, my dreams, my fears, my screw-ups, my bad jokes…pretty much everything.  You should fee special.  I like you enough to share all of this with you.  Either that, or I am just an attention whore.  Probably a little of both, you can leave the money on the nightstand.

So how far would I go for the sake of entertaining the reader(s) of this blog-type-thing?

Would I…

  • Pose naked?
  • Pose half-naked?
  • Take pictures in front of exotic animals that I’ve “hunted”?  (Shot on a reserve that is about a tenth of the land they usually roam in, to which they are confined, there is no purpose for killing them except my sadistic desire to take a life, and there is little actual “hunting” involved?)
  • Do a “challenge” not related to charity?
  • Punch a baby?
  • Punch an executive at a multi-national corporation?
  • Punch a bunch on The Price Is Right?
  • Spike the punch?
  • Punch a speed bag?
  • Punch a speed freak?
  • Punch a speed limit sign?
  • Drink Hawaiian Punch?
  • Drink a lemonade?
  • Drink straight lemon juice?
  • Drink gin and juice?
  • Rollin’ down the street?

Well, my dear reader(s), the answers to these questions are no, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes (if I had one), yes (if they were threatening me or my loved ones), no, yes, I am right now, no, not until I am better, and yes, but not while drinking the gin and juice.

But do you know what I would do?  I would embarrass myself for you in silly pictures.


Because I am deeply committed to your entertainment, and ultimately, your well-being.

So here goes.  My embarrassment, for your entertainment.


I am the Macho Man!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feel the power of my drums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah and I going out in the sun.  Have to be protected!  


Prepping for the cold!


Hannah and my friend Destiny trying out to be Ninjas!


Why won’t this thing go anywhere?!?!?




Hannah brings good tidings!


Mmmm, lemons for Hannah!


We call this “Village Idiot at the Salem Witch Trials”

Well my dear reader(s), I hope you can now see that there is hardly any lengths I will not go to in order to provide you with the highest quality entertainment available in media today.  I hope that you enjoyed these photographs, as much as we enjoyed taking them.  It is also my sincere hope that you share these, they become viral, and we end up breaking the interweb tubes.  No, we wouldn’t really want that to happen, now would we?  Not like that time someone tried typing Google into Google.

Goodnight dear reader(s)!

I am very tired and not feeling well and we still need to go out and feed my dad and step-mother’s cat.  I might read some of your stuff later, but I might just pass out in a puddle of my own tears and failed dreams instead.  Well, actually, not in Stead.  Stead is further away, and I don’t want to go there.  I’m tired.  I’d rather be home instead.  Which isn’t in Stead.  My home is not in Stead.  You get it.

Look forward to my wife’s blog tomorrow as she will have some pictures of her fancy new tattoos!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

22 thoughts on “What I Wouldn’t Do For You People”

  1. Well that Hannah is a doll, but you know that!
    Thank you for sharing your entertaining photos, Macho Man 🙂
    About an hour ago, as I clicked the heart on my friend’s Instagrammed bottom, I said to The Mister, “I do not think I will put my ass on Instagram. I don’t think that’s what my Instagram’s about.” He nodded. We all have to draw a line somewhere on our social media.
    I like to sit on my porch sipping Kahlua and milk, Snoop Dogg optional, but generally I prefer somethin folksy for porch moments.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems you have limits to what you will do. I would not pose half-naked it would scare to many people i don’t drink as it is not good with my liver (darn) besides it makes my face red and I Cannit breathe. But I have posted some interesting photos rest When you need too look forward to hannah’s tattoo. Sleep…sleep thats me hypnotizing you so you can Sleep

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No kidding! HA! My wife’s grandparent’s live out in Red Rock and a couple of our best friends live in Stead. Since I grew up in this area the whole Stead instead jokes have been coming since I could talk. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for this humorous post, although I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling too well 😦 I hope you can get plenty of rest, and take good care of yourself. You & Hannah are a lovely couple, it’s so obvious that you’re perfect for each other.

    I feel the same regarding ‘canned hunting.’ It’s embarrassing what so-called ‘civilized people’ can do 😦

    Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are officially my favorite blogger. Not because you posted embarrassing stuff, but because you are so real with no pretensions. I hope you feel better soon and thank you……I know many of us look forward to your blog posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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