The Adventures of Hannah’s Phone(s)

Hello dear reader(s)!

Are you ready for story time?  Gather ’round in your semi-circle children, because teacher has a story to tell.

Once upon a time, in the land of Earth, there lived a happy little phone named Sam Sung.  Sam was a good phone and had the support of the entire Galaxy.  Sam had many more features and many more capabilities than Sam’s friend Pixi, but Pixi was a nice little phone that cost her owner Josh, virtually nothing whereas Sam cost Josh a larger sum.  Sam was a gift for Hannah and Sam and Hannah got along well.

After a short time, Sam’s battery would not charge.  Sam was feeling ill, and was not able to perform his usual tasks to the best of his ability.  Josh wondered why Sam was having such issues, and asked Hannah if she might have known.  Hannah was not aware of the cause of Sam’s issue.  Since Sam was still under warranty, Hannah and Josh discussed the idea of getting a replacement phone, and sending Sam off to the phone hospital for another person to enjoy when Sam was better.

It was a tough decision, and emotions ran high, but eventually, they agreed that it would be in Sam’s best interest to send him away to be made better and end up with another family.  Josh called the phone hospital and they had Josh check Sam for signs of abuse.  As there were none, the phone hospital sent a cardboard phone ambulance and medical label to send Sam to get well again.  As they closed up the cardboard ambulance with Sam inside, and affixed the medical label to route the ambulance to the correct hospital; they tried to reassure Sam that he would be getting treatment to be well again and would find a new family to love.  As the final flap of the ambulance was sealed, Hannah shed a single tear.

A few days later, a brand new bundle of joy arrived.  It was Sam’s identical twin.  It looked and functioned almost exactly like Sam did when Sam was healthy.  The new Sam, dubbed Samuel Sung by Josh and Hannah, stayed healthier for much longer than his brother, the first Sam.  Eventually, however, Samuel started to have problems charging the battery as well as screen issues, which were much more severe that what was experienced with Sam.  Hannah insisted that nothing bad had been done to Samuel, but Josh became suspicious.  Without the help of a Steve Wilkos lie detector test, Josh investigated for signs of abuse.  He was shocked when he found the truth.  Samuel had a bright red mark, right behind his battery.  Josh confronted Hannah with the evidence, and she broke down and confessed that she had accidentally dropped Samuel into the toilet.

Samuel was insured, even against accidental drowning, and so Josh and Hannah once again made the decision to send the badly injured Samuel to the hospital to get well again, and replace Samuel with a new phone.  Since Samuel’s capabilities were a bit outdated, they did not have any identical siblings to send.  The deductible on the insurance was a lot of money, because Samuel was so smart, and so Josh and Hannah decided to use their upgrade to replace Hannah’s phone instead.  Josh also got an upgrade at the time, from his Pixi (who still functioned, but was missing buttons, and no accessories were available since HP bought out Palm, and it was no longer being supported).  Josh got a Motorola Atrix, and Hannah got a HTC with an awesome 13 megapixel camera that also happened to be a phone.

Hannah’s camera/phone served her very well, until one day when the battery stopped charging.  Josh checked the phone for signs of abuse and found none.  Josh realized that the HTC camera that was also a phone had a broken charging port.  Josh called the phone hospital to see about getting the HTC camera/phone well again.  Around this time, Josh had a falling out with the service provider, partially due to their refusal to take the phone as the warranty period was up.  The insurance deductible on the phone was also more than what Josh wanted to pay.  It seemed Hannah would be without a phone.

But Hannah was smart, and found a wall-battery charger for her camera that was also a phone.  When charging, she could just put her SIM card in the working Pixi, so that she could still make and receive calls.

Josh had his Motorola Atrix, and it was working great.  Until one day, when Josh left it in the front pocket of his shorts when walking right into a swimming pool.  Josh had his Motorola Atrix replaced with a Motorola Atrix II, using his insurance.

The Motorola Atrix II didn’t work as well as Josh’s Atrix, but was completely functional, just annoyingly slow.  Fed up with the service provider, Josh left that company, and went to a reseller of the same network, for much cheaper and with no contract.  He also purchased a Motorola Atrix HD for his use, and gave his Motorola Atrix II for Hannah’s secondary phone, when the HTC camera that was also a phone was charging.  The Pixi went back into emergency reserve.

Eventually, the Motorola Atrix II started to have problems.  Josh wasn’t surprised, as he never really liked the phone and it was always annoyingly slow and glitchy.  So Hannah brought back out the Pixi.  The Pixi is a tank.  She has no back, is missing two buttons on the keyboard, had no protruding power button any longer, but she still works most of the time.

But not all of the time.  Sometimes, the microphone does not activate on a call, and the person on the other end of the line can’t hear Hannah.  So Hannah would alternate between the HTC camera that is also a phone, the Motorola Atrix II that worked sporadically, and the Pixi when all else failed, if that worked.  Carrying around 3 partially working phones can be tough for anyone, and so, not surprisingly, Hannah left the Motorola at the doctor’s office yesterday.

I called this morning to ask if they had a phone turned in, and they told me that indeed, they had.  We drove over, and I went in to pick it up.  When I told them the make and model of the phone, they told me that the only phone turned in yesterday was an iPhone.  We drove home.  Not more than 5 minutes in the door, and I get a call from Hannah’s mom, saying the doctor’s office called her and said they had Hannah’s phone.

We were the last appointment yesterday and left after closing.  Apparently, the exam room had not been cleaned until after we went there earlier, and so the phone wasn’t yet turned in.  We picked up the phone, and Hannah now has her 3 phones again.

But there is an even happier ending to this story.

For Hannah’s birthday our friend has purchased Hannah a brand new phone with a 13 megapixel camera that should arrive any day.  It’s supported by the entire Galaxy.  I shall name it Son of Sam.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Hannah’s Phone(s)”

  1. Best phone I ever had was my go-phone. Bought it because I am tired of being committed to a certain phone service – who shall remain nameless. No internet, no nothing. The thing is indestructible. I feel really good about my go-phone, I carry it like a badge of martyrdom. I loved your story. Hope this Son of Sam is everything it is cracked up to be!!!!

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