Real Erotica

Hello dear reader(s)!

While I typically don’t want to use this blog-type-thing for anyone’s sexual gratification, I have read some of your erotic stories and thought they were so good, I thought I’d try my hand at one.  (Not my hand literally, you know.)

Warning, this post may contain graphic depictions of sexual activity, or it may not.  There will be no graphs in the graphic depictions, or charts for that matter, but in reading, you will likely be able to tell that sexual activity is taking place between the two characters.  For that reason, and that reason only; reader discretion is advised.  

It was a Hot August Night.  It wasn’t during Hot August Nights, that took place the week before.  It was 11 at night and had only cooled down to 96 degrees.  Due to the heat, the couple could not sleep.  As they lie in bed, inches from each other, the sweat glistening off of her naked body, and pouring stinky buckets off of his; he began to notice the beauty of her body in the moonlight.  She must have noticed him looking at her, because for some bizarre reason she smiled, and didn’t push him away when he leaned over her to kiss her.

It was a deep, longing kiss.  Not the force your tongue so far down her throat so as to make her gag, kiss, but a passionate long kiss that definitely let her know he was horny.  She kissed him back with the ferocity of one who was also horny.  Soon his mouth moved down her body, exploring each curve.  Her body arched with excitement, and before he expected, she stopped him.

“I want you now,” she said.

“Wow, I wonder if she is ovulating or something,” he thought.

She pulled his body on top of hers.  He tried to enter her, and while she was definitely wet enough, her muscles hadn’t yet relaxed to let him in.  She pulled his hips toward her, and it hurt.  He tried not to think about it.  She finally begin to allow him inside her.

They moved together rhythmically, slowly, but strongly.  Their breathing in unison like their bodies.  Both of them were enjoying it.  He shifted his arms a bit.

“Ow!” she cried.

He stopped.  “Did I hurt you?” he asked?

“You’re on my hair!” she snapped.

“Oh, shit.  I’m sorry,” he said as he moved his arms off of her hair.

They giggled for a minute, and he kissed her once again.  With that kiss, they begin to move together once again.  Each thrust was met by her hips.  Their timing was perfect.  It was like they were built for each other.  Slow became a little faster.  Soft a little more forceful.  They began building toward what promised to be an amazing climax for the both of them.

Suddenly he stopped.  “Aaaaaagh!” he screamed.

“You didn’t finish already, did you?” she asked, frustrated.

“No.  Fucking leg cramp!  I can’t move!  Aaaagh, ow ow ow!  Fuck!” he yelled.

A few minutes went by before his pain subsided.  “Do you think you could go on top?”

Well, what do you think, my dear reader(s)?  Do I have a future in writing erotica?  Did this post get you all hot and bothered?  Please don’t tell me if it did, I don’t want to know.  Have a sexy day!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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