I Thought You Would Be More Into Asian Girls…

What the fuck?!?!

Hello dear reader(s)!

The year was 2009, I had just began dating my lovely, beautiful wife (who for sake of reference, is not Asian, and was not my wife at the time) and she had come into the coffee shop where I was Barista-ing for the first time.  Of course, (wanting to show her off), I introduced her to my co-worker type friends.

All were very nice and polite to her and I was very pleased.  I got many comments on how lovely she was, and how sweet and kind she was.  And none of my female co-workers were catty to her in any way.  And then Nicole said,

“I thought you would be more into Asian girls.”

“What did you say?” I gasped.

“Hmmm, I always thought of you as the kind of guy who would be more into Asian girls.”

I think I spit out some of the special white mocha I had made for myself.  What?  What in the fucking fuck did she just say to me?

So I asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well you know, you just seem like one of the guys who is into Asian girls.”

This wasn’t a jealousy thing, Nicole wasn’t Asian (that I am aware of), but for some reason she associated me as someone who would be “into Asian girls”.

I like Asian women just fine.  I’ve met some Asian females that I thought were attractive, but into Asian girls?  As a thing?  An identifiable trait in me somehow suggested to her that I have a fetish for Asian girls?

Now, I know that people do have Asian girl fetishes.  There are fetishes for just about anything and everything.  My ex-wife worked at a porn/sex-toy shop at one point in our relationship.  I know that people are into things that you don’t even want to know about.  People fetishize race, height, feet, fluids, things that shall not be named, including Lord Vol- oops, I almost said it!

Not saying you have to have a fetish for Asian girls to find Asian girls attractive.  But it was her choice of words and what she said.  How exactly can you look at someone like me, and think, “That guy over there, he is into Asian girls.”

What is the criteria one uses for determining they are into Asian girls?

Is it my

  • glasses
  • goatee
  • build
  • coffee making skills
  • taste in music
  • choice of words
  • body language
  • smile
  • eye color
  • the vehicle I drive
  • hairstyle
  • work uniform

Seriously?  I’d like to know.

Even when I would spend time in the porn shop during my wife’s shifts, (safety reasons) the only ways you could tell what someone was into is if

  1. They asked about something.
  2. They went over to a specific section.
  3. They chose one of two specific “viewing booths”.  (“The diggers”, creating and re-opening the glory hole.)

Okay, of course, they could try entering the place with a long trench coat, and if they had bare ankles you could tell they were into something else, and if not you could likely tell they were into shoplifting.  Aside from that, there was just no way to tell.

Did I ever show up to work, previous to the introduction of Hannah wearing a t-shirt that said, Asian girls make me horny?  Did I ever bring in Kobe Tai DVDs for break time viewing?

So I just want to know, if you lovely reader(s) don’t mind, knowing what you know about me, and seeing a picture of me, what exactly would make you think that I look like I’d be into Asian girls?

He must be into Asian girls!
He must be into Asian girls!

Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

23 thoughts on “I Thought You Would Be More Into Asian Girls…”

  1. It appears that Nicole has a lot of empty space between her ears. And perceptions are sometimes based on past experiences, so maybe her ex-boyfriend dumped her for a woman who was Asian, and you reminded her of that ex. Or maybe… nope, that’s all I got.

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  2. I think this is one of those, “Unless you live in their head and thank God you don’t” dealios, Josh! I had a friend once say, “I can’t believe YOU like the X-Files”. “Um, why can’t you believe that?” “Because you don’t look like the type.” “The type to like the X-Files?” “Yeah.” “What type is that?” “Sigh….the type that DOESN’T like the X-Files.” No longer friends. You see what I mean! Cher 🙂

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  3. ??? People can say/think the stupidest things, it’s a global phenomenon.
    We have similar stupids here, who say he/she seems like the type to like foreigners. My reaction always is: And how can you tell? @__@

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  4. haha, everyone can say I’m stupid too, but although I married my jr. high sweetheart, we were not always together, in fact we were apart for 14 years before we dated as adults. When we were 19 I had heard somewhere that he was stationed with the Army in Korea, and had been for sometime. I thought to myself that suits him. On our first date, at 26, he was reminiscing of old times in Korea as it was one of the few topics I knew to bring up about him, but maybe reminiscing is too kind of a word…he actually to my surprise had a grave disdain for the Asians (okay maybe I’m overdramatizing but I’m making a point). I was so taken aback, it took everything in my will power not to say, “Dude, I thought you’d be into Asians?!” (Okay, so maybe it did come out of my mouth..)
    So why would I have this belief about my now husband? Why to this day does it still throw me off kilter when I discuss a couple of attractive Asian men and women we encounter and he is not all up on my bandwagon? Well first off he is a nerd, like the D&D, Star Wars Canvas in our living room, first in line at A-Con, Com Con, and Nerd-Con, and avid watcher of Anime. A week after our daughter is born he even has a guy trip planned to Disneyworld with his best nerd friend to Star Wars weekend! He bragged to me in Junior High of recording artists he enjoyed from Japan, or the special kewl tamigatchi new random collectible he’d have imported from some other unique Asian city. Most nerds that I have encountered (and having been friends or dated EVERY nerd in our high school, I know nerds) are into Asian women. Maybe the employee got the Anima vibe off of you, or the extreme nerd-y vibe just because you were a barista (although that’s more the hipster mark)??? Gah love me some hipsters, they are fun to keep around to laugh at. 😉 I think I made a point in all this rambling???

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    1. I am okay with Star Wars (the real ones only) but not like hugely into it. I was a Barista because I love coffee and it was a job, but abhor the whole “hipster” thing, especially their thievery of my flat-caps. (Why couldn’t they have stayed with fedoras?) I don’t like anime all that much, although I have seen a few that were kinda cool, I am not a gamer, (except for MarioKart, and I did like playing Halo 1 with friends way back with the linked (physically) X-boxes), and I really only geek-out over Irish stuff, British stuff, and music. I just don’t get it. Again, not that I haven’t met very nice and attractive Asians, I’m just not “into Asian girls” in a way that should surprise anyone when I am seeing someone who isn’t.

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      1. Yeah, but at least maybe you had some basis. Maybe, I mean, it is a leap to assume because someone likes aspects of the culture they must be really attracted to the people…but there is at least some logic to it. Her’s on the other hand…

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  5. Fascinating. There is something about you, deeply subconscious, that reminds her of someone else who did have a thing for Asian girls. Or, on a personal fantasy level, she imagines you with Asian women for her own pleasure.
    “You look like a guy” is all I get from the photo.

    People make assumptions about us from our appearances all the time. Sometimes they’re right, too. She just got it wrong.
    Men all the time tell women what they imagine they’re into, and usually it’s because that’s what the men want the women to be into! Must go both ways 😉

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