There ARE Good People

Hello dear reader(s)!

Recent events in the news have painted a very dark picture of humanity.  And there is a lot of darkness within this world, though I do believe it is at the hands of a small percentage of us.  To illustrate my point, I want to take up the issue of police brutality.

There are people (stupid people) who believe that all police officers are brutal and racist.  I just simply cannot agree.  I have personally encountered many police officers who were very good people and only wanted to help their communities.  The people who believe that all police are bad, are just flat-out-wrong.  We do not live in a society capable of self-policing.  It is a pipe dream.  I wish they weren’t necessary, but we are nowhere near that point, and may even be sliding away from it.

Then there is another side that is equally as wrong.  This is the side that attempts to defend the indefensible actions of some police officers.  This is the side that refuses to allow cameras to monitor police.  This is the side that allows untrained, unstable police officers on to our streets and then cries foul when the media reports a questionable incident involving at best a poorly trained officer, and at worst, a murdering piece of shit.

The side that defends the indefensible is currently winning.

It is similar to the Christians who claim that there is a war on their religion and they are the ones being persecuted.  From a logical standpoint, it is laughable.

Who is wrong?  The side that thinks all cops are evil, or the side who will go to any length to defend the evil cops within their ranks?

The vast majority of us, the good people, know both sides are wrong.

There exists, areas in this nation, where entire departments are so corrupt, so racist, that they need additional rules, restrictions, and monitoring from the federal government to ensure that people’s civil rights are not being violated.  I’m not making this up, this is fact.  But it is still the minority of police and police departments.  That is also fact.

And anytime someone uses an incident to ambush or shoot at anyone, it is unjustifiable.

But these terrible murders of police are not a result of a media bias against police.

They are a lashing out at incidents seen as unjust and brutal, and at the very least, unnecessary.

I’m going to go ahead and go on a case by case basis.

1.  Michael Brown.  The officer should not have been convicted, in my opinion.  Why?  Because there was simply a lack of good evidence (partially from a prosecutor putting someone who backed the officer’s story before the Grand Jury that he knew had not actually witnessed the incident) and there was no way if it had gone to trial there wouldn’t have been reasonable doubt.  But let’s look further.  Even if, Michael Brown had fought for this officer’s gun, why didn’t he shoot him right when he won the struggle for it, when he was a threat?  And if the officer’s version of events was true, and Michael Brown was charging back at the officer after having initially fled, why didn’t the officer employ his training, or less than lethal force, and why wasn’t a call for back-up initiated right after the struggle for the weapon that supposedly took place inside the car?  Whether Michael Brown was murdered is a question that will never be answered.  But did Michael Brown have to die that night?  Have you seen a properly trained policeman/policewoman in action?  They are good at their jobs.  They have handled threats without resorting to lethal force 50 times more dangerous than anything Michael Brown could have been at that distance.  Michael Brown was killed by a bad cop.  For you and I to take a life in that situation, may have been justifiable, but we are not highly trained police.

2.  Eric Garner.  Eric Garner was resisting.  No question.  Eric Garner was a big man and it took a few cops to bring him down.  Eric Garner was also diabetic and obese, which may have contributed to his death.  However, that choke-hold was unnecessary as they already had him subdued by a few officers and were taking him to the ground, and the choke-hold violated the department’s own procedures and was left on too long.  A good cop should have been able to bring him in alive.

3.  Walter Scott.  Shot while fleeing, in the back.  Cop planted his TASER at the scene, all caught on video.  There are people right now trying to justify his actions.

4.  The Pocatello, ID police department.  The entire department.  They have the money for radar guns, they issue tickets.  Despite a rash of burglaries, they will not dust for fingerprints or do any kind of forensic investigation without charging the property owner.  Despite collecting tax dollars, and enforcing laws that generate revenue for their department, and participating in the failed, crime-causing drug war, they will not actually investigate burglaries and property crimes without billing the victims.

The police are not trusted these days.  They are not seen as the defenders of the people that they once were.  There is no doubt.  But over all, they are not hated and persecuted as many would have you believe.  Doesn’t anyone remember the L.A. riots in 1992?  What about the riots of the 1960’s?  This myth that the police and all of the public have gotten along until recent media bias is ignoring the facts of history.  There is a media bias, but that bias exists to show the worst sides of people who are not the upper elite in control of all of us.  The bias exists us to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.  To keep the attention away from the thieves and murderers on Wall Street, in Congress, and in the secret meeting rooms all over the world we are not privy to.  That is the media bias.

And as long as police unions and “brothers” do not attempt to weed out the horrible within their ranks, play the victim card, and refuse any kind of additional monitoring (i.e. body cameras), it is only going to get worse.

So everyone, just calm down, take a step back.  Remove yourself from these sides you have chosen, and look at the facts.  Most police, are there to help, but there are enough incidents of both racist and incompetent police working on our streets that it is reasonable not to trust them.  Demand better policing, both as a citizen, and if you are a police officer, from your co-workers.

There ARE Good People.  In fact, I believe that there are more good people than bad.  We simply need to stand up to the bad, and we will prevail.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

26 thoughts on “There ARE Good People”

  1. What infuriates me is how it is just constantly painted into a white’s hating the blacks thing. I am from the South, I could care less what your skin color is, please drop it. If you are a white person discussing how black’s hate you or you are the black one accusing whites of hating you, you are the the one keeping racism alive. People hold stereotypes, but that’s only because such huge populace holds up to their stereotypes. If you don’t want to be discriminated against then just be. I’m just tired of being called a racist because I’m white, I could give a frick less.

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    1. I, for a short time, dated a black girl. You would’ve thought that we were murdering small children or something with the looks and hatred we got. We only saw two people. It didn’t work out but it had nothing at all to do with race. But, there are definitely cops who still act out of racism. Minorities are still targeted by SOME police in SOME departments, and sometimes it is a whites-hating blacks thing. But not most whites, not most police, and not most blacks in the reverse. Most people are good.

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      1. yes, that’s my frustration, don’t punish the masses. And stop continuously talking about it, you’re only stirring the pot and keeping it alive. My brother is actually in a biracial marriage himself, they were concerned when the option of joining us here in Alabama came up, but I assured him that the racism strangely isn’t as aggressive in North Alabama as it is back home in Texas.

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  2. It’s always important to do something when there’s wrong, stand up for what is right and I’ve always liked this saying – only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. It will always make a difference to someone, somewhere, sometime (is that a song lyric?…)

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  3. Bad news is good news to the media.

    Another segment of our society that I don’t trust , and I guess, never will, is the media. They can even manipulate facts , omit acts, or outright lie so that the news fits into their narrative and agenda. The media is not for truth… it is a business enterprise.

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  4. Well said. One of the cases here in my state (of which I am sometimes not proud) was the Zimmerman/Martin case. In that situation Zimmerman was not even a cop (just a hot headed wanna be) and Treyvon was just a kid minding his own business. There is no way to justify his dying, period. Once George left his car to pursue that child it was game over and Treyvon was the one who had every right to pursue the “stand your ground” law since he was the one initially being attacked. The media did a hatchet job on both sides and stirred the racial pot that was already boiling. Now Zimmerman cannot seem to stay out of trouble. I just hope no one else ends up dying at his hands.

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