What I Read On WP & Why, Part 3

Hello dear reader(s)!

Sorry I am a day late on this here post.  I’ve been a lot more busy the past week than I had originally anticipated, and away from the COMPuter.  The post is usually to be done on Thursday mornings in the good ol’ PST, but Thursday I was obsessively trying to make sure that I had properly done my taxes since it included going back through the year prior and I don’t want to accidentally try to get money back that I’m not entitled to, or not pay if I’m supposed to.  Not only is that underhanded, but I don’t think the IRS likes that sort of thing.  Anyway, enough about me and my strict morality when it comes to paying taxes, let’s get to the real reason I am posting this post-type-thing.  In case you have forgotten due to my incessant babbling, the reason is to share some of the blogs I read with you, so that you may read and decide whether you want to visit and read and love and follow these blogs yourselves, and send me gifts.  So no more delays, no more waiting, no more unrelated content, no more postponement, no more suspension, no more impediment, no more procrastination…let’s just get on with it, shall we?

You can read parts 1, and 2 by clicking the 1 & 2.

Under and Over, Around and Through  Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to add this blog to this post.  Not because I don’t love it, but because I love it quite a bit and Annie has recently announced that due to some thing called life (like anyone needs one of those) she will be scaling back her posting.  Now I feel betrayed.  But seriously, this is a great blog, even if the posts won’t be coming as frequently as I would like.  From her made-up words, to her stories of being a substitute teacher and all the fun (and headaches) that can entail, to her car issues; this blog always makes me laugh, or at least smile, or sometimes just say, “Oh you poor thing.”  (Usually while trying not to laugh.)

butchcountry67  Butch often writes about his beloved wife, who left this world too soon, and always does so in a very touching way.  Not all of his posts are about her, however.  He also writes about his son who he calls “Hammy”, about living in the country, about himself, and about lifting a ’71 Ford Pinto.  The writing is perfect.  Efficient.  If Butch is looking for the post to be touching, he sets the tone in the first few words.  If it is going to be funny, you know by the title.  If it is an insight into the author, then right away, the feel is there.  He could express himself through words 1/4 of the words I would need to use to say, “Hi, I hope you are having a good day.”  Always a good read.  Always.

Sophie Speaks Up  This blogger is multi-talented.  A master of many forms.  Her short stories are interesting, if she throws in a twist, they will surprise you (despite her 10 disclaimers warning you of the topic), the humorous posts never miss the mark, her poetry is poetic, and her more blog style blogging is still interesting.  Check it out.

Joeyfully Stated  First, you have to love the tag line, “Narratives of a Neurotic & Other Nonsense”.  That just sets you up for great, non-nonsensical writing throughout this blog.  Her blog is one of the few taking part in the A to Z Challenge that doesn’t seem to be just phoning it in when it comes to the letters.  (There are more, don’t get me wrong, but there are many who seem to be.)  Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny.  This is one of the blogs I have followed a little more recently, and I am glad I did.  Highly recommended.

Mathemagical Site  This is another blog that I have only come across recently but am go glad that I did.  I haven’t used real math since high school, so I have forgotten a lot of things about it.  These posts are a fun way to bring math back into your life, and have fun with the math you may have rejected due to bad teachers in school that made math a chore (cough, Mrs. Kelly, cough!).  And not everything is math either.  Sometimes the posts are just funny, sometimes just cool discoveries, there are some puns, puzzles…everything one needs when they are trying to use their brain in a fun way.

Woman  Bec Hanson takes you through her life as a woman who is dating again after divorce, a musician, a non-militant feminist, a mother, a human being.  Her posts are usually funny, with a very thoughtful undertone.  They may come off a bit bloggy or journally at first glance but there is always deeper writing within.  She could likely make a trip to the gas station sound interesting.  Her failed date posts are the most fun because they really show just what kind of weirdos are out there.  She takes her awful experiences and turns them into funny stories for our amusement.  You find yourself rooting for her to find a real man to show her we (as men) aren’t all horrible.

crickets are okay  Okay, I have reblogged her posts, and have linked to her recently.  And I know that I said back in part 1, (way back then, when we had to walk both ways uphill to school in the snow with no shoes) that I would not be featuring blogs in this post I had recently mentioned; but what can I say?  I lied.  Actually, since its been a few weeks since part 1, I’m letting myself off the hook.  I have to mention this blog.  She podcasts (I guess that’s what her audio clips would be called), she vlogs (that’s video blogging, at least according to all the kiddos), she writes.  She is funny, honest, and open about things that people try to keep in the dark.  She fights to help people, and fights to end the stigma associated with needing help.  I don’t like to call the bloggers I get along with friends (since I only know them through their blogs), but it is hard not to include her in that category.  Her blog, audio, and videos, are absolute genius.  Where as I can only rant about the stigma of mental health issues, she combats it by showing the very sane, very human side of people who struggle from time to time.  She is a strong person and it comes through in her blog, without her trying to come off as strong (I don’t know if that makes sense.)

So that is all I got for you on this particular day.  There will be a part 4, sometime before the end of next week here in the PST.  As always, if you know I’m a regular reader of your blog, and you haven’t seen yours on this list, please stick around, I read a lot of blogs (not including the last couple weeks) and so I’ll get to you.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

28 thoughts on “What I Read On WP & Why, Part 3”

  1. I am sitting in the vet’s office with my new cat- I’m covered with cat hair and tearing up.. So the cat hair is now stuck to my face.. Yup. I also consider you a friend, my friend. And thank you for making me cry- in public.. With a cat.

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  2. Thank you for including my blog. I’m happy that you enjoy reading my blog. The other blogs that you’ve listed sound interesting as well. I’ll check them out later.

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  3. Your intro about taxes made me laugh and laugh! Last year, Lover suspended our single weekend together not once but twice due to being behind on completing his taxes. So I custom ordered a shirt for him that reads, “I gave up sex for taxes”. And I am just waiting for the right time to come around…again.

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