I’m Really Scared

Your camo gear from Cabella’s and your militia fellas, watching Fox News to get your hate on but can’t put down that bon-bon, can barely lift your gun to aim, out of breath out of the game, you think that you’re a threat but I haven’t met one yet, stick your dick in the barrel for gratification blaring a Rush Limbaugh station, married to your Glock compensating tiny cock, not afraid of you and why, I’m simply not afraid to die, I’ve been there before I’ve been right at death’s door, I’m looking at you you’d never make it through, go take your fucking gun don’t need it for my fun, don’t want your rights but if you want a fight, any fucking time your gun against my mind, close the distance and put my fist in, before you get a shot is that really all you got, you want to start the shit well now you’re right in it, your little group is through there’s more of us that you, ain’t coming for your arms but still you mean us harm, I’m a damn survivor fuck that I’m a thriver, we’ll see how you fared I’m really fucking scared.

Apparently, I’ve still got some unresolved feelings over The Twitter Incident.


Reporter Doubts Report Freddie Gray Injured Himself

Reporter Doubts Report Freddie Gray Injured Himself.

Hello dear reader(s)!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of the mainstream media.  So when I started to hear reports that a prisoner (according to the Baltimore PD) states that Freddie Gray was trying to injure himself, I was immediately skeptical.  We all know that many times, inmates are offered deals in exchange for stories about issues, and I thought this was likely one of them.  There is just no way I believe that a man who was handcuffed and in leg irons could injure himself in a van enough to crush his larynx and sever 80% of his spinal cord.  I frankly think it is physically impossible.

Sure enough. the link to the story above likely confirms my suspicions.  It seems the Baltimore PD is trying whatever they can to try to shift the blame from their department.  Earlier reports state that Freddie Gray was already unresponsive by the time this prisoner was loaded into the van.  It also goes on to say that the prisoner would have been separated by a partition and so would not have been able to see Freddie Gray during the ride.  Finally, police admit that Mr. Gray was not in a seat belt during the ride, explaining the possible sounds against the walls of the van if corners were taken or turns made with a rolling unconscious body on the floor.

This is one of the worst attempts at a cover-up I have been subjected to, and is being spread by mainstream media television news outlets as the gospel truth.  The only investigative journalism left in this country is in the print media (sometimes) and the internet.

The most disturbing part of the article?  That the report the Baltimore Police will make investigating their own officers, will not be released to the public.  It will go to the state police, under the governor.  The same governor who was quick to declare martial law and falsely imprison an entire city after dark based on the actions of a few.

This police department, city, and state are trampling the rights of Americans.  They are violating the Constitution and punishing people without due process.  They illegally detained people for days without charge, and a Habeas Corpus petition had to be filed by the Baltimore Public Defender in order to secure their release  179 so far without charge, held for days.

This is your country America.  This is your world, humanity.  Imagine if some people in your city rioted and you were subjected to house arrest at night for something you weren’t even involved in.  You can’t go to your late night job.  You’re not going to earn your living because there is a curfew.  The already drained economy of the city is being hurt further by business that would usually be open late at night that can’t open.  No nightclubs.  No convenience stores.  No all night diners.  The low-wage workers who hold those jobs now can’t go to work, can’t earn a living, and are only going to sink deeper into the systematic poverty already plaguing the city, and the nation.

Right now it is in Baltimore.  But how long until it is your city?  Not long, if you listen to the narrative being trotted out by CNN and Fox News.

Conservatives in Texas are worried about a military training operation in their state, because they fear an invasion of Texas by the US military.  Meanwhile they are just fine with letting an entire US city suffer under the rule of martial law and house arrest without any due process.

All it takes is someone to declare a state of emergency for whatever protections you still believed you had to be stomped upon openly.

Turn off CNN.  Turn off Fox News.  Seek the truth and spread it.  Read the linked article that simply states the inconsistencies and facts and how it conflicts with the narrative that Mr. Gray somehow injured himself so severely.  Read about how he was denied proper medical treatment.

Then challenge the lies you hear.  Spread the truth.  Change the narrative.  Demand change.

If you don’t stand up for others when their rights are being trampled, who will stand up for you when it’s your rights they trample?

Police in the UK have killed 52 people in the past 115 years.

Police in the US have killed 369 people in the past 115 days.

If you chalk it up to the differences in gun laws then how do you explain how so many killed by police were unarmed?

For those of you willing to paint an entire city with a broad brush due to some property destruction, I ask you this:

Why wasn’t martial law declared and a curfew put in place after the Giants fans rioted?  

Why wasn’t martial law declared and a curfew put in place after Joe Paterno was fired and there were riots?

Why wasn’t martial law declared and a curfew put in place after Kentucky lost and their fans rioted?

Why wasn’t martial law declared and a curfew put in place after the riots at a pumpkin festival?

Why wasn’t martial law declared and a curfew put in place after the nation’s largest financial institutions fraudulently pushed and approved sub-prime mortgages, resulting in the largest loss of property in the nation’s history?

Where was your outrage over those “thugs” then?

The world is watching.  What are you prepared to do?

That Evil Hip-Hop Culture!!

Hello dear reader(s)!

I’ve been bombarding everyone with posts and tweets about important issues.  And I’m not ashamed or apologetic for that, but if you know anything about me, it is that I can’t be consistent for very long.  Well, that’s not entirely true, since there is a message inside this post, but it is definitely going to be a bit more lighthearted.

I’ve tagged this post with the Humor tag because I am going to mention Rand Paul.

There’s the joke.  Get it?  Rand Paul?

(See, because Rand Paul is a joke.)

For those of you who have been tuning out the events of the last few days specifically (but that have been really happening much longer) then you may have missed how Rand Paul (get it?, there’s that joke again) has blamed the Baltimore events on Hip-Hop culture and bad parenting.  Rand Paul (get it?), the same Rand Paul with the son who was arrested and charged with assault while he was off campaigning.  Rand Paul (get it?), the best leader by example.  What a parent!  I wonder if he called his child a “thug” when he found out.  Something we’ll have to ask after his concession speech.  Anyway, I’d like to present to you, if you do not mind, some evil hip-hop that is surely responsible for racial strife and tension.

WARNING:  This music may cause you to take to the streets and act out violently.  Viewer discretion is advised.  

Now, I’m sorry for inciting you to riot by posting this evil hip-hop music.  (Okay, maybe not pure hip-hop in all cases but definitely goes with hip-hop culture.)  Now, don’t you feel angry and want to go destroy things?  It must be this!  It couldn’t possibly be anything else, right?

This music, this devil music has got to be banned!  We can not allow good ‘Mercans to be persuaded to going out and shaking things like a Polaroid picture, or busting moves.  We know what that is code for.  Shaking cities.  Breaking windows.  We know it isn’t innocent.  We must support Rand Paul (get it?) in his efforts to eradicate this awful problem from our great nation!

Addicting Info – Texas School Forces 5-Year-Old Girl To Cover Her ‘Apparently Immoral’ Shoulders (IMAGE)

Addicting Info – Texas School Forces 5-Year-Old Girl To Cover Her ‘Apparently Immoral’ Shoulders (IMAGE).

Hello dear reader(s)!

This is your country.  What is next, burqas?  Shaming a little girl for a perfectly acceptable dress?  A little girl, in a class with boys who at that age likely have no concept of sex?  How immoral, this dress, that is acceptable anywhere else and would only make the most evil of pedophiles associate it as sexual.  This is your country.  Your country who is electing representatives that deny scientific fact, remove things they deem offensive from history and science books, and teaching girls their bodies are not their own, and something to be ashamed of.

It’s a fucking sun dress.  A sun dress.

Texas apparently has more in common with Saudi Arabia than just oil.

Self-Not Caring

Hello dear reader(s)!

I consider myself to be an empathetic, thinking person.  I’ve tried to reason with the purveyors of hate.  I’ve tried to get people to see the world from a different perspective.  I’ve tried to get people to understand what it must be like for those who have been marginalized and have suffered injustices and inhumane treatment.  From the poor, to the mentally ill, to the physically but not visibly ill, to other races, nationalities, genders, gender identities, religions, and sexuality…I’ve tried very hard to just get people to put themselves in another’s shoes.

And I think I’ve made some valid points.

But I continue to run into two problems.

  1. Their hatred is so ingrained, that they will never accept the humanity of different people.  They are superior in their mind, and that is that.
  2. They know, they agree, but they will not get involved.

The first group of people for me is somewhat of a lost cause.  You can’t teach those unwilling to learn, as I’m sure was the reason a lot of the teachers I had in school had given up before I was even in their class.

It is the second group that most concerns me.

Because I get it.

Caring is hard fucking work.  And it seems people really shy away from the hard work these days.  It is exhausting.  Especially for those of us suffering from our own illnesses, our own demons, who simply struggle to get by day-to-day.  How can we get involved and try to change things when we can barely make ends meet?  How can we take action when we can hardly get out of bed some mornings?  How can we face all of the things that trigger us when we are already in danger of slipping into the void?

With Baltimore in the news the last few days, and the brutal killings of unarmed black men (and others, but mostly black men) that have been occurring with unnecessary brutality, I have been in near constant debate with people about the rioting that took place.  My words have been twisted into those of support for the violence and destruction instead of words of understanding.  I have seen the ugliest sides of people who do not seem to understand that actions can have lasting consequences.  I have heard people (who seem to have forgotten that they themselves have done things that could have gotten them shot if their skin color was different) justify those shootings because of the things these young men have done.  I have heard remarks that blacks (not some, not those in Baltimore rioting, but any poor black person) have made themselves the victims.  As if slavery, segregation, forced poverty, and crumbling inner cities and economies wouldn’t have lasting effects.  As if the minorities born in West Baltimore or Detroit could just easily throw off the bounds of their poverty with their terrible schools, no jobs, no transportation, and targeting by law enforcement.

When a former DEA agent testifies that they were told not to enforce drug laws in wealthy areas, the system is broken.  When Goldman Sachs can fraudulently loot billions from the nation and get a bailout, meanwhile a black man with no prior criminal history gets LIFE in prison for stealing a $140 TV, the system is broken.  When Bo Brownstein is convicted of insider trading and serves a year and one day, but Trayvon Martin is shot by an overzealous wannabe cop who can’t control his violent tendencies and that wannabe cop gets off scott-free, the system is broken.

But racism doesn’t exist in America, they say.

I’m exhausted.  It’s like banging your head against a brick wall.

So for those who do recognize the problems, but just don’t want to do the work to fix it, I sympathize.  I do.

Sometimes you need to take a step back from things, calm down, and take care of yourself.  Sometimes.

But…once you’re renewed again, once you’re feeling a little bit stronger, don’t you owe it to people to get back out there and try to solve some of these problems?  Don’t you feel like you have to do something?  Maybe your insomnia isn’t from all of your other issues, maybe it is your conscience.  We’ve all got out own issues and lives to take care of first and foremost.  And self-care is important.

But it shouldn’t be self-not caring.

You can do something.  Something small.  You can write about it on your blog.  Your social media.  A letter to the editor of your local paper.  You can use your computer (or smartphone, whatever you’re reading this on) and Google the records of the candidates before the election so you know who is the best choice.  You can research and find a local candidate who you support and ask them if they’d like help.  Stuffing envelopes.  Answering phones.  Hosting gatherings.  Contact one of the parties with a platform you find a little less scary and fascist than the other.  See how you can help.  Just a little.  It doesn’t take much.

And then, when you need to, you can step back and ignore things.  Get some R&R, and a little self-care.

Just don’t self-not care.

“Everybody’s Having Fun Fun Fun

‘Cause everything is nice!  And everyone is friendly!” – The IT Crowd

Hello dear reader(s)!

Guess what?  The government isn’t evil.  Congress is evil.  Well, most of them, anyway.  But those people who work for the IRS, the people who work for the Social Security Administration, and most other public employees are doing a tedious, thankless job and are usually doing it in a professional manner.

Except the DMV employees!  Fuck the DMV!!!  Seriously, learn some customer service skills, you mean, nasty people.  Quit taking out your problems on us.

At any rate.  Just remember that the people you deal with are not the people causing the problems.

The people you vote for (or rather your failure to vote at all) are.  And also the people who buy the people who other people vote for when you stay home because you can’t be bothered to care.

Johnny’s soccer game is today, I can’t make it to the polls to decide whether or not we shall prosper of fail.

Here is a little video that explains my feelings for the government in a much better, and much more humorous way than I ever could.  Please feel free to skip the Michael Bolton song because, while it is funny for a second, it does go on too long and besides, he is a “no-talent ass-clown.”

Goodnight and good luck, my dear reader(s), I’m going to go find something else to laugh about.  Gotta regain my balance.