I’m re-posting this so my newer dear reader(s) can get an idea of what they are in for. I have also updated my About page if you want to learn more. Not every post will be like this, sometimes I try to be funny, but this post says a lot about me in a lot of ways. I’m not out of ideas, and will post something new later.

My Friday Blog

Anyone with a Facebook account has no doubt seen a variation of a status, one that has been passed around and slightly altered so many times, it can not be attributed.  The status basically says something along the lines of, “We all wish for a bigger house, a new car, to be thinner, etc… But a cancer patient has only one wish, to beat cancer.”  Then it goes on about how X% of people won’t repost this (usually 97 on these stupid things) but I know my friends are the 3% that will.  Then it tells you to repost in honor of someone who died of cancer or is currently fighting it.

This post popped up on my feed last night and made me so upset, I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Beyond exploiting cancer patients to make your post spread further, it is a flat-out lie.  Who does the…

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Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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