Terrible Poems – World Poetry Day

I write poetry

Like a junior high school kid

Simplistic Haikus

The curves of your body

Your glistening skin

I’m feeling naughty

I want to get in

I liked your post

But have nothing to say

Without a like button

Why read anyway

Fifty-Five Fireman

Few Feet From Fallon

Fighting Fierce Fires



You want to write a poem

Make sure to use


To class it the fuck up

Some poems are good

My poems are not

Bet you wish you never

Gave this post a shot

A gentle smile from the sun

Kisses the land with purple hues

A new dawn has begun

Do you feel like you’re watching an instructional yoga video on YouTube

If you use punctuation

In your poetry

No one will ever

Take it seriously?

One Fish

Two Fish

Gefilte Fish

Fish n’ Chips

Two roads

Split from a highway

And I

I took the one with less potholes

They were going the same place anyway

Bae you be all like

Hot ‘n shit

I wanna make you my bitch

And pop some caps

With this cap-gun I picked up at the dollar store

Rhythm is nothing

Without the blues

Unless you’re colorblind

©Joshua Wrenn 2015.  As if you’d really want to take these!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “Terrible Poems – World Poetry Day”

    1. That is very nice of you, but after one week where I got nominated for 3 in a day, I’ve decided it is just too much work keeping me from reading everyone’s lovely posts and writing my own. I really, really do appreciate it though, and will check out the post you nominated me in.

      Liked by 1 person

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