I’m Not Here!

Hello dear reader(s)!  Wait?  What kind of magic is this?  How can I be reading a post you just published, if you didn’t just publish it?

Well my dear reader(s), the answer is simple.  Dark Witchcraft, aka scheduled publishing, which I managed to figure out how to do because it is in plain site on the New Draft page.

So right now, I’m probably running to Home Depot to get a handle for the toilet which broke off the day before yesterday so I have had to take the lid off and reach into the tank to pull the chain in order to flush it every single time.  If I’m already back, then I am taping up a huge box to dump everything in that couldn’t have been packed up to this point.  What I want to be doing is sitting in my recliner, drinking coffee, and perusing through your posts and comments about how cool you think I am, but instead, I am running around like a chicken with its head intact (they actually run faster than decapitated chickens) trying to figure out what I can take on me and what needs to be taken in the trailer o’ fun.

But I’ve got it easy.

My dad is driving his pick-up and the trailer o’ fun up here from down there.  He is limited to going roughly 50 mph all the way up, so he’s looking at about 16 hours.  Then Saturday we all load everything up.  Get as much sleep as possible, and my wife, him, and the cats get to drive roughly 16 hours back.

I get to fly.  Less than 2 hours.

Why does my poor wife and dad have to drive down while I get to fly?  Why must she endure 16 hours of a yowling cat, when I leave quite a bit later and fly blissfully buzzed on an Ativan and a cocktail through the friendly skies?

We were going to haul the trailer o’ fun using my Jeep, which would have had ample room for ample amounts of all of us, but just days ago (literally, like 5), a recall notice arrived in the mail regarding trailer hitches and gas-tank fires.  So the Jeep needs to be inspected and we certainly don’t want to haul a trailer with it until we can get it in, but times-a-wasting.  So, given my issues, it was determined that I should fly and they should drive.  Suckers!  Just kidding, thank you dad and Sweetness.

By Sunday evening, I will be meeting them at my new old place to unload a few things but likely not much and then crash until Monday, when I will get to finish the unloading.  Then we get to spend the next couple weeks figuring out what we have, what we need, and going through it all.  Oh joy of joys.

But then, we are going to party like its 2015, because it is, and I’m older now and recovering from all the cancer related crap, so partying like it’s 1999 is simply out of the question.

In other me related news, I am probably very tired and really wishing I had slept better last night, because that is how my days tend to go, even when not moving.  I am also likely stressing out about leaving the security of the SCCA and UW, and missing my mom.

But I shall return.  Better.  Stronger.  Faster.  And only as a visitor.  I still have to have a few long-term-follow-up appointments for roughly the next 5 years.  Hopefully we can do some of the fun touristy type stuff while we’re back.

So I just wanted to tell you all that I am not here, but I am with you in spirit.  Kind of like Jesus, only without the sculpted abs and whole biblical back-story.

I leave you with this inspiring quote from my wife to help you get through this day without me…”Josh, get your ass off of your computer and come help me or I’m going to whip it!”


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “I’m Not Here!”

  1. Hey Josh, good write, and I hope the move goes well. We already miss ya, even with pre-post- scheduling. We felt your absence and knew the post was a robot induced article. Get things on your new track, and let us know how it all goes.

    Liked by 1 person

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