2, 2, 2 Posts In One!

That’s right dear reader(s), you get not one, but 2 different posts in this blog-type-thing today!  Why?  Because I was going to post a poem, and then another post on my thoughts about a current, awful situation here in these far-from-United States; but then I’d have two posts very close together in your news feed, and since I just blasted Thought Catalog for their blog-spam yesterday; I don’t want to be a hypocrite.  Being a hypocrite can wait for another day.

So first, let me share a story, in case you haven’t heard.

Ferguson Bullshit

If you don’t want to follow the link, I’ll sum up.  Though the officer who shot Michael Brown was not charged with any crime, at any level, the investigation into the shooting did reveal wide-spread racial bias within the Police Department, according to the Department of Justice.  Last night, 2 officers were shot (though thankfully not killed) when all of this fucking violence restarted.

Now for my opinion.  It isn’t controversial at all, so don’t worry.  I just think it isn’t being voiced enough.

Stop generalizing and categorizing people!!!!!  

Even if this particular department has a lot of racist fucking pieces of shit, you don’t know if most of the cops in it are.  I honestly believe that some cops are fucking pricks, but most really do just want to help.  Conversely, just because someone has a different skin color, features, hair, background, economic situation, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, level of ability, nationality, religion, etc, etc…DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE BAD!!!

Quit with the hate!  You will not gain anything by fighting this war.  No freedom to be won, no victor to be crowned.  This, is just a downward spiral that only advances the cause of death.

And now for something completely different…

This is a poem about the risk of trust.

The Key

I entrust to you

My happiness

My pride

My insecurities

My fears

My dreams

My fantasies

My passion

My self

For you to do with

Whatever you please

As always, all of my writing and pictures are my own work and protected by copyright.  The exception here of course would be the linked to article from ABC News, (that is obviously not mine, and should be fucking obvious.)

Thank you for reading, and have a peaceful, loving, trusting day!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

6 thoughts on “2, 2, 2 Posts In One!”

  1. You just said your passion is mine to do with as I please, but then put a copyright underneath your poem. Unbelievable! Joking aside, another great post. I went to school with several people who went on to become cops, and they’re all great guys. This “All cops are racist” crap is getting really annoying.

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  2. I hate that people seem to be on a predetermined side concerning issues like this. We are either always on the side defending the police or always on the side of of the outraged citizens. Each case is different. Sometimes it’s the cop who needs to be charged with murder, sometimes the person killed has no one to blame but themselves. But whenever something like this hits the news, people start screaming before they have even the slightest amount of detail required to form a fair opinion.

    Holy cow! That was dangerously close to a rant! I swore I wouldn’t start blogging rants.

    Good post!

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