Enough Already!

Notice how I am not starting this post with anything related to my dear reader(s).  (Except I just did, didn’t I?  Oh well.)  The reason is that these past two days have been the most boring days since I’ve been on WordPress.  Why?  Isn’t it obvious?  Re-blogs and re-blogs and re-blogs of the same damn blog.  You were baited, and like angry, hungry little fish, you ate it up:  Hook, line, and sinker.

If you are a regular reader of this blog-type-thing, you may have noticed that some of what I post is making fun of blogging and bloggers.  From my obvious click-bait titles, to my using a commonly searched term only to have my post be very little of what it is actually about.  So when a very popular blogger that coincidentally states that it is his intention to offend everyone with one of his opinions, posts something that roughly half of the population vehemently finds offensive; and roughly half of the rest of the population vehemently supports it; and both sides are so entrenched that debating the same points endlessly that have been debated for as long as that particular thing has been around…I am shocked that not only are so many people jumping in to share their opinions on the subject (the same opinions that both sides have already debated for decades); but then even those strongly opposed to that opinion are re-blogging the post.  I’m all for debate, I’m all for encouraging discussion, but what can you add to this issue that hasn’t already been said?

This blogger has performed a brilliant two day coup d’etat on the entire WordPress community of bloggers.  If you’re just in it for page views, it is an extremely effective way to get those views.  But does it add anything?  In my humble opinion, this is just noise at this point.  For the record, I like this person’s blog, I often disagree with his opinions, but generally I do like it.  I haven’t unfollowed over this, (though he insists he doesn’t care all the time (Methinks, the lady doth protest too much.)), but you will also notice I don’t mention his blog, or the topic because I am, quite frankly, sick to death of hearing about it, and choose not to promote it.

We all have opinions, not everyone is going to agree with them.  It is nice to read the opinions of other people and their perspectives on them.  On this issue however, I contend that there is not a single unique opinion or perspective that hasn’t been played out and ingrained into the public consciousness for many, many years.  There are some things that are just pointless to write about, unless you’re just looking for attention.

So I beg you, no, I implore you, for the sake of all that is good and decent in this world, please, please stop.  Write your own blog.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

37 thoughts on “Enough Already!”

  1. Oh I know exactly what you’re talking about. I knew that there were a few heated comments, a lost follower or two, but so far I’ve only seen 2 or 3 reblogs. Maybe I just got lucky if it’s as bad as you say it was.

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    1. The guy has 50,000 followers for a reason. He’s very smart and knows exactly what he’s doing. So I don’t blame anyone for doing it, but on my reader at least…every other post for 2 whole days!

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  2. I confess. I re-blogged and redirected. I didn’t know it was blogged to death until I actually sat down to read my feed. LOL Oh, I knew it was click bait. I’m only human dammit. It’s been a busy day. 🙂

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  3. Hmm? Here is a thought, something different to think about. Where are all the fireflies? As kids, the fireflies would be out, flashing their little phosphorescent lights during the summer nights. We would capture them and put them in a jar with a lid that had holes punctured into it. Where have they all gone?

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    1. Where I grew up, we didn’t have them. But when I’d visit my grandma in Ohio, they had them there. We called them lightning bugs. So very cool. I did not know they have disappeared. Guess it must be like the bees or something. Either that or you captured too many into jars!


      1. I hope it isn’t our fault. Perhaps they are just in the Midwest. None out here in California. But it makes me happy to think about them.

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  4. I know who you’re talking about…Be scared! I’m telling the authorities!


    True. I love the guy’s blog too! So much! But the multiple reblogs of the same post is kinda annoying when you’re looking for something new and different from the other blogs you follow. 🙂

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  5. I don’t like the new, watered down definition of “offensive” it ranks right up there with “controversial”. I get all giddy and excited, then I find out it’s something not really offensive or controversial at all.

    As for debating online…HA!! That always ends well…


  6. I think I know who you’re talking about. I do like how he promotes other bloggers by using the success of his blog. Um…..I actually put a link to your blog in the comments of a post where he wanted to promote other opinionated blogs. I did this earlier today before you posted this…..lol. Hope that’s ok 🙂


    1. Yeah, no problem. I do not dislike the guy, he’s great at what he does. I just don’t care for the last couple days worth and his follower’s reblogs of those posts all over the Reader. Not everyone is going to do things I like all the time. Thank you for sharing my blog, that was very nice of you.

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    1. Sure, it is when you hit the reblog button on the top of your reader and post that blogger’s post on your blog. It is nice to do when you are trying to promote a new blog or a blog you like, but some people do it all the time or do it just to attract attention without anything to add.


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