My Music Player Hates Me

Hello my dear reader(s)!

In case you are new to my blog-type-thing (turn back, it’s a trap!), you may not be aware that I LOVE music.  I mean I really, really love music.  My love for music is so strong it makes my wife jealous.  It is a special kind of love, that only music and I share.  I am a slave to music and that is okay by me.  I kind of like it.  I didn’t have to sign a contract with it or anything, but trust me, music is my master.

However, my music player on my not-so-intelligent smartphone finds me to be a rather horrible person, I believe.  I think it may be jealous of my relationship with music or something.  I ask it nicely to be nice to me, but it doesn’t listen.  I push all of the right buttons, to no avail.  It just doesn’t listen.  Here are the reasons I believe my music player hates me, in no particular order, except for the order in which I typed them out, and you are now reading them.  So, I guess they are in that particular order, but no order of importance or relevance or anything like that.  Just in the order in which they popped into my head.  Which could be a sign of the importance I place in those reasons, but likely aren’t as my mind tends to forget important things until later.  So I guess I stand by my original statement, only slightly modified.  At any rate, they are:

  • (note the use of bullet points instead of numbers to further emphasize the lack of particular order) Whenever I press shuffle, it plays the catalog in order, from the first song I added.
  • Whenever I skip to a certain song to start at with shuffle off, it plays that song (at least it does that), but then shuffles.
  • It won’t save my playlists, no matter how many times I try creating them.
  • I have re-ordered my songs to have all the high energy ones in a row, and the slower ones in a row, but if you refer to the above bullet points, it pays no attention.  In fact…
  • It takes it upon itself to do the opposite.  I try going to one of the slower songs to listen to in order to get tired, and it plays that song, followed by about 10 punk-rock tracks.
  • If I’m trying to get an energy boost and listen to something with more energy, (say working out or showering in the morning), it plays maybe one song by Rise Against and then Dust In The Wind and something by Enya.

I am considering switching music players, but this one allows me to Chromecast my songs and the other ones don’t.

So, my dear reader(s), what do you think I can do to improve my troubled relationship with my music player?  It is starting to interfere with the relationship music and I enjoy.  It is My Cloud Player.  Any tips and/or tricks?  Should I dump it for a different one?  Is there music player counseling we could take part in?  If I do dump it, do you know of other music players that allow casting?  Any advice is appreciated, unless it is hateful or abusive as so many discussions of music players tend to be.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

13 thoughts on “My Music Player Hates Me”

  1. I currently have 107 playlists on Spotify. Most of them are over 100 songs long. Yes, I understand this love of music you speak of. I have the paid version of Spotify and I love it!


    1. Oh….there’s a free version of Spotify that’s very much the same as Pandora. But the paid version allows you to search and listen to whatever you want and create and download custom playlists.
      Here’s one of my playlists…
      Just in case you decide to get it. You might enjoy it.


  2. I feel your pain – for a while there my i-thing was doing the same thing. I have a great variety of music on there, oldies, dance, rock, pop, easy listening, opera, etc etc… and for some reason the i-thing would always end up on Rolling Stones or Queen (who, I love, btw… just not over and over when I’ve clearly selected shuffle so I can enjoy said variety of music). Eventually, I gave in and created playlists which, I know, doesn’t help very much.

    If you download apps, I find Songza is very good for music streaming – good variety and great playlists on there. 🙂

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