Everyday I’m Tumblin’

MyFridayBlog on Tumblr
MyFridayBlog on Tumblr

Hello dear reader(s)!  Did you know that My Friday Blog is now on Tumblr?  Do you care?  Should you care?  So far I have only used Tumblr to link to my posts here on the wonderful WP, except for one short rant about Congress just to see if anyone would notice (they didn’t).  Are any of you on Tumblr?  If so, can you explain it to me?  I really don’t understand it at all.  So far, I have been followed there by Jason at HarsH ReaLITy because he rules at supporting us new (or recently regularly) blog-type-thingers, a guy who saw the word “Blog” on my page and wants to sell me ways to get more followers, and a porn page.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against porn or people wanting to offer their products, but what else is Tumblr?

I feel like I am too old for it.  Like people see my blog there and think, “Okay Grandpa, time to head back to Facebook.”  It could be the blogs that I follow (mostly funny and/or cute stuff) that prevents me from really getting into it, but I just don’t understand the concept.  It almost seems like Twitter, with more content, and a lot more porn.  (Again, not that I have any issues with porn.)

Over here on WP, I follow a shit-ton of blogs.  Being disabled and rarely able to get out to anything more than doctor appointments or driving my wife to the grocery store (where I wait in the car so as to avoid the possible disease carriers), I tend to get bored pretty easily.  So, if I come across a blog that I have had time to view one or two of the posts from, and I like it, I’ll generally follow.  I’m not stingy about my following.  I something gets too annoying, I’ll unfollow it, but that rarely happens.  But on Tumblr?  I don’t even get half the shit there and the other half is porn.  And while (as I’ve said at least a couple times) I have nothing against porn, I don’t want to be checking my blog on Tumblr, (or some of the other blogs or pages or whatever the hell they are called there) and have pictures of hardcore BDSM pop up on my screen.  If I want to view hardcore BDSM, I’ll just visit the slave we keep in the basement.

So yeah…anyway, I’m on Tumblr if you want to follow me there as well.  Keep in mind that I don’t post pictures of the things we do with the slave locked in our basement.

Okay, time for a subject change.  What a segue, right?

I have noticed that a lot of the bloggers I have been following who kind of went dormant there for a while suddenly came to life today.  For the first time in months I am having trouble keeping up in my Reader.  And I read FAST.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m certainly not going to toot your horn.  I mean, have you even cleaned the mouthpiece?  Is your horn a woodwind?  Because I’m not very good with reed instruments.  I think I’ll just toot my own horn, thank you though.  So I have been speed reading since I was about 10 (I read that Kennedy could, so I had to learn.) and despite that skill, I am still behind in my reader.  So I have a question for all of you.  Are you all just really bored today?  What made you decide to start posting again after all this time?  Okay, so that was 2 questions.  What can I say, I lie.  That’s what I do.

Finally, I have a request for you, my dear reader(s).  On my blog-type-thing I have the avatars of the people who are so into pain they have chosen to become my dear reader(s).  I haven’t counted to make sure they all show up, but since there are more than 2, I think there might be a glitch that is putting more avatars there than really belong, but that doesn’t matter to this request.  My request of you, if you have the time, is to click on the avatars there and check out the blogs of the people who are listed as my dear reader(s).  Get to know and love their blogs.  Follow them.  Then follow me on Tumblr, or at least explain it to me if you could.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

16 thoughts on “Everyday I’m Tumblin’”

  1. Oh!!! I am right there with you. I don’t get Tumblr at all. Seems like too much work. Twitter frightened me, I had flashbacks to high school, when I would pass by the cool kids and catch snippets of their conversations. Sounded like they were talking about something pretty fascinating, but I never figured out what. That’s what Twitter feels like to me, I never quite get what anyone is talking about. I think I will go back to MySpace (does that even exist anymore?).

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  2. When I told my husband I wanted to start blogging in order to help inspire myself, and promote my book, he laughed at me when I started building a blogger account. He said all the cool kids are using this now, and he set up a Tumblr for me. I have never felt so tiny and mute then over the course of those two days that I tried to make my Tumblr work for me. I update it all the same…I normally keep that a running ticker of retail gossip along with my twitter. Just wish it was more new user friendly, I wish I didn’t have to be a high school popular kid with a series of my own followers magically right off the bat? http://shopgirlanonymous.tumblr.com/

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    1. Not only does SnapChat sound like an STD (we call it ClapChat), but I think people who meet on there likely end up with one. I absolutely hate Pinterest. At least other sites allow you to view things without an account. Some of the bloggers I follow have recently started linking to Pinterest and it forces me to skip because I don’t want to sign up for another account.

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  3. I too have a tumbler place, and I really don’t like the format, but it was another avenue to post my garbage where other interested people would find it. I always check out the avatars, to find out who they are.


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