We Are In Trouble

Hello dear reader(s).  As the regular reader(s) of this blog-type-thing may already be aware, I typically lean a little to the left in most of my politics.  Not all, but most.  That said, I don’t fall into the all-too-common trap of believing those with opposing views are idiotic, as I know there are different perspectives to view the world through, and some people may place more importance on certain issues than I do.  I was considering calling this post “Why I’m Not A Democrat”, but then I’d be writing a 12,000 word essay about the corruption and corporate control of both political parties, the failure of leaders to come together on even the most basic responsibilities to the citizens, and so on.

So instead I’d like to write to you about the polarization and vitriol in this country, and how we as citizens have a responsibility to calm the fuck down, try to look at things from the point of view of our opponents, and work together where possible.  For those readers outside the US, perhaps you could apply this to your government as well, provided it is nearing or as non-functional as ours.

  1. Try not to get offended so easily.  Yesterday I wrote a wildly successful post seen by literally ones of people, called, “For Men:  How To Get A Date With A Woman“.  Now, you would figure that, by listing my qualifications to give advice on the subject, I listed my GED, that one reading would realize the post was intended to be humorous, but if you read one of the comments, that is clearly not the case.  Let me give you some background on the portion of the post one of the commentators took offense to:  The regular reader(s) of this blog-type-thing would know that I am a huge fan of the UK television show Coupling.  In my post yesterday, I referenced an episode where Jeff (perhaps the most awkward character ever in television) accidentally tells a woman he is interested in that he has only one leg.  He has both legs.  Unfortunately, it was the worst lie he could tell because her brother lost a leg, and she suddenly took interest in him for “being so brave”.  You can guess the hijinks that ensued.  Anyway, if you read the comment, you can see that this person thought (more like jumped to the conclusion) that I was saying there was something wrong with only having one leg.  Yeah…because I of all people would make fun of someone with a disability.  Additionally, because this is the internet, he had to be Mr. Tough Guy and tell me that 5,000 war vets wanted to kick my ass.  Then he proceeded to tell me how my advice was all wrong and it should just be natural.  As if A.  It was meant to be taken seriously.  And B.  Nobody ever suffers from social anxiety or psyches themselves out of the dating game.  Seriously?  And then he wondered why I gave him the brush off so soon, but that comment is in the trash.  Done.
  2. Don’t make fun of those with differing views.  One of the reasons I can’t stand many of the people who participate in politics is their tendency to make fun of other people with different beliefs.  Here is an example:  I, personally, believe our military has not been properly used since World War 2.  I know of no other situation where the men and women who signed up to protect our country actually had to, since then.  Some of the people who agree with me on that, take it further and think that the men and women who sign up are either stupid for allowing themselves to be misused, or evil for joining a force that kills people for reasons other than the defense of this country.  I’m sorry, but the people who say that, are assholes.  I have nothing but respect for those who join the military.  Most of them do believe that they are there to defend this country and freedom, and they aren’t stupid for continuing to believe that is what they are doing.  Have they been misled sometimes?  That is debatable.  Does that make them stupid?  No.  The argument could be made that by even being in the military, by even having that force, they are automatically protecting this country because a real, take-over type of attack would not succeed with our military capabilities.  So quit bashing my friends in uniform, you damn libtards.  (See, I’m mostly liberal, so I can say that.)  On the flip-side, just because someone believes in social responsibility and safety-nets, does not make them libtards who want to take your guns.
  3. I propose we all write the corporate representatives in our Congress, but before that, we come up with a list.  We can put it on the internet and allow people to vote on it and contribute to it.  The list will have 3 columns.  Things we agree on and you should push through for the sake of your heads.  Things that will take some compromise but we’d like to see some progress toward.  Things that are off the table and you shouldn’t waste time on. 

Things we agree on and you should push through for the sake of your heads.

Investment in rebuilding the infrastructure of this country with an eye on shoring up bridges and elevated structures.  Investment in alternative transportation modes to take some pressure off of our roadway system.  Mandatory hiring of US workers to complete these projects.  Increased veteran’s benefits.

Things that will take some compromise but we’d like to see some progress toward.

Investment in clean and renewable energy.  Better oversight of government spending with real penalties for when funds are misused.  A reform to the allocation process (wherein currently a government agency actually purposely wastes money if under budget so that their next period’s allocation won’t be smaller).  Negotiation power with pharmaceutical companies to lower healthcare costs, like many countries already do.  Tax penalties for US companies that offshore their workforce.  Tariffs for those companies that move their headquarters offshore or have overseas subsidiaries in order to dodge US taxes.  Penalties as a percentage of assets for companies that violate the law, so that small businesses aren’t hurt unfairly and big companies can’t get away with violating regulations in order to save cost.

Things that are off the table and you shouldn’t waste time on. 

Abortion.  Corporate bailouts.

Those are just some of my ideas if I ran the country.  What do you think?  What would you add or take away from the list?  Let me know, but no abuse or threats, please.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

14 thoughts on “We Are In Trouble”

  1. We must make the hard decisions. Doing what’s right is often harder than doing what’s convenient. We need to remove the compartments and labels and take our country to the next level. Living in the “better days” of the past is impossible since they did not exist in the first place. As the old Irish proverb says: Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

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    1. I agree making the hard decisions is important, but endlessly debating the things that will continually be challenged and are roughly 50/50 instead of doing the things that need to be done just to keep the country moving and our credit rating from falling due to the inability of funding to be approved for laws already passed takes priority. If we picked the low hanging fruit, and THEN went after the tougher things, we might not be so paralyzed and divided.

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  2. I’m sorry that people harsh on you because of a misunderstanding of you reference.

    I hope that the people that use social networking and blogs will mature as the technology matures.

    Right now there a schoolyard mentality to some of the discourse I’ve seen and it has to do with assuming that one has completely understood the writer’s intention. Instead of 6000 vets want to kick your ass a better response might be, “Is this what you intended to say?”

    Attempting to engage people in rational political debate in a corporate media climate designed to distract us and keep us divided along ideological lines . I am always impressed when I see two starving poor people argue over which party is the better one when it comes to protecting their “freedoms”.

    I also agree with you regarding the young men and women who join our armed forces and
    serve our country. I think it’s a sin to abuse of a young person’s faith, hope and vision for personal gain.

    My niece joined the Army because she wanted a higher education. Despite the vast denial of those who benefit most from the end of the draft, most of the people who join the armed services do so because budget cuts to all levels of education leave them no option. People will say I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

    Thank you for an excellent post. Our country has been in trouble for a long time. I think it
    s worth saving, but it will take all of us to save it.

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  3. It’s best if everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, but debate is always good. We can’t make things better if we don’t discuss and share ideas. What I hate is all the back biting and name calling that is so juvenile and unnecessary.
    Carry on honey, do what you do. I enjoyed your post. X

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