Our Spot

Our spot.
Our spot.

Remember the place where the tree-tops touch

Where we used to go when we didn’t have much

When we’d walk on the trail whenever I could

Between the bad times when I’d finally feel good

Remember when we’d laugh and walk

Away from the doctors and medical talk

When all of the cares of the world would fade

And we’d remember the fun and memories made

Remember the ferns and the moss all around

And the massive tree that lies on the ground

Down the street from the place where we stayed

Above the beach where the children played

Remember the smiles you and I would share

Whenever we managed to find ourselves there

Shaded from the sting of the sun

Hidden away from everyone

Remember our problems would just dissappear

How fast we’d find laughter coming from tears

In our spot we would still make our plans

Away from the tests and the labs and the scans

Remember going every day

Or every time that I felt okay

We’d go as often as I could

To our spot in the beautiful woods

Well, my Sweetness please do not fear

Don’t cry now as I’m lying here

Listen to what I say to you

I’m going there, I’ll wait for you.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

12 thoughts on “Our Spot”

    1. Yeah, we really do have that spot…well, a few actually, but we would go there whenever I could find the strength and we needed to get away from things. I imagine if there is anything like a heaven or afterlife, it would be some place like that for me.

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