Finally entering the 21st Century!

I once again find myself typing on a keyboard, as opposed to swyping on my phone.  This is perhaps the greatest thing to happen to this blog-type-thing since its inception.  Having a keyboard will allow me to create the same crappy content as always, but free of as many annoying typos.  It is rather funny to me that typing involves less typos, given the word.

My computer is not an actual PC.  Because I am poor, I have decided on a Chromebook.  That and the fact that I like Google’s version of evil over other technology companies’ versions.  Their browser seems to be less virus-y than others, and since I will be doing everything online and am not really a gamer, I figure this was the way to go.  The hardest part of this transition has been remembering not to reach up and touch the screen when I want to scroll or do something involving the cursor or pointer.

It works great, so far, although some of the pages seem to be having trouble loading.  I think this might be due to the fact that I have only turned it on once, so it has not been able to receive all the millions of updates it requires.  I have made the fatal IT mistake.  I didn’t try turning it off and on again.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re just too excited to try something out.

I have two years of cloud drive storage of 1 TB, in addition to the 16 GB on the device itself.  That should be more than sufficient for my purposes, provided the cloud is not destroyed or does not suddenly turn into precipitation.  Storing things in the cloud makes me nervous, because of aircraft, dust, and gravity.

I love being able to type again.  My fingers had almost forgot how.  No more taking three hours to write a ten minute thought.  Yes, that’s right, some of the crap I posted took three or more hours thanks to the way my phone interfaces with WordPress, and also thanks to my phone’s auto-input feature that does not recognize words any more complex than “chicken” but for some reason had things like “bae” and “Kanye” in its dictionary.

So my blog-type-thing officially enters a new era, complete with more pictures, better content, and a better overall experience for you, my dear reader(s).  Now I’m not saying this change will take place immediately, but as I get the hang of this thing, you should notice marked improvements over my blog-type-thing’s previous incarnations.  At some point.  Perhaps.  Maybe.

Here is just a list of improvements you should begin to appreciate going forward.  This list is not a complete list, as I’m sure there will be other improvements I just haven’t thought of yet.  For your sake, my dear reader(s), I hope I’m right.


  1. More lists.
  2. An image friendlier blog-type-thing.

    From my new COMPuter.
    From my new COMPuter.
  3. Better formatting.
  4. More frequent use of bold, and italics.
  5. Less time spent by my loved ones listening to me shouting obscenities at my phone while they are trying to have a conversation with me.
  6. A path to world peace.
  7. Clean, free energy for all.
  8. Lower taxes
  9. True love.
  10. A cure for all disease.
  11. The eradication of hunger.
  12. A lot of lies about how this blog-type-thing will improve.

But you see, I don’t care how much better this makes YOUR experience, because it has already dramatically improved MY experience.  And since this is my blog-type-thing, that’s really all that matters isn’t it?  Don’t feel bad, my dear reader(s), it isn’t like I don’t care about you.  I just care about me more.  There is nothing wrong with that, is there?

So don’t take this post as just an excuse for me to brag about my new computer-type-thing.  Take it as an exciting announcement of how your favorite blog-type-thing is going to get even better.  At some point.  Eventually.  Maybe.

Now that I have this super awesome, amazing tool at my disposal, I am thinking about expanding my “brand”.  Perhaps I will make a My Friday Blog tumblr, or Pinterest.  Perhaps I will design My Friday Blog T-shirts and sell them to unsuspecting victims-er-I mean, dear reader(s).  Perhaps I will one day become part of the elite blog-type-thingers, known internationally for my wisdom, my humorous observations, my keen use of language, my mastery of the human condition, and my stunning good looks.  Perhaps.  Maybe.  Someday.

Or, more likely, I will be able to bang out the same drivel I always have, only now it will take less time.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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