I’m not sure if it’s WordPress, or my phone, but it has been almost impossible to comment on posts of the blogs I follow.  If I really, really want to comment, those are the ones that never happen, no matter how often I exit, clear my cache, restart, or pound on the screen with my fist.

I’ve also had a hard time pulling up entire posts when I want to continue reading.  I’ve tried everything from going to the blogger’s homepage and searching for the post that way, to hiring a shaman to perform mystical phone rituals.

I’ve also been having a terrible time writing and editing posts.  I’ve had to go to the “Text” tab to figure out what HTML tags I need to use to make something bold or italic.  The buttons don’t seem to do anything half the time.  Sometimes, when I touch them they’ll tell me that the B means bold, and the I means italic.  That’s all well and good for someone who has never seen a computer, but in the mean time those helpful words don’t go away and prevent me from pressing the buttons!  And contrary to what you might be thinking, throwing my phone against the wall while screaming obscenities does not help either.

So I tried downloading the app.  And I thought the site on my phone was glitchy.  That app is about as stable as my mental state.  The only way to make it less stable would be to remove the horses.

So it’s time to just admit that if I’m going to keep doing this, I’m going to need to get a computer.  I had a computer once.  Actually, I’ve had a few computers.  But it didn’t go well.

I had a computer with a CRT monitor once.  It had tons of memory for a machine at that time.  I loved that computer.  I installed recording software on it, and used it for my music projects.  However, the first hard drive crashed.  I think it was a virus, from downloading music (from legal sites, I swear!)  I replaced the hard drive, but vowed never to connect it to the series of tubes again.  It is still alive, (presumably) in a storage shed at my dad’s house in another state.

A couple years ago I got myself a fully functional laptop.  I loved my laptop.  It would still be good, even by today’s standards.  Not like, geeky good, but more than enough for my purposes (posting this crap and surfing through the series of tubes).

The laptop served as my DVD player (Blue Ray, not that I own any Blue Ray discs), my entertainment (HDMI & Chromecast), & my communication center (stupid social media).  She (yes, my laptop was a she) lasted a couple years.  Great years.  Then one day, I opened her up, and the inner screen was shattered.  I suspect the cats, but I left my Junior Detective Paw Print Dusting Kit in a box at my dad’s house in another state.

So now I do everything on my phone.  It isn’t awful.  Every time I get upset about my phone, I start to remember that when I had my CRT monitored computer, the idea I could do any of what I do on my phone on a phone was laughable.  You could talk, and text.  I barely talk or text right now.  Why would I want to use my phone as a phone, when I can get pissed off about how this incredible technology screws up every once in a while?  How dare this super convenient thing inconvenience me for a split-second?

I feel really stupid for complaining about issues like these.  Oh my God, I have enough to eat, a roof over my head, I survived a horrible illness and I’m still alive, but it is hard to work my WordPress.

It is amazing how quickly we become reliant on luxuries.  I had a rotary phone once.  It was yellow, and hung on the wall.  My sister got her own phone line, and a Garfield push-button, but still pulse phone.  I was jealous.  Now I have a super-powerful (compared to just a few years ago) computer AND phone that I can fit in my pocket and take with me, and I’m constantly yelling at it.

We had a 19″ bubble-screen television that weighed what must have been a ton.  It had antennas on the top that eventually broke when you tried to adjust them.  We got cable just in time for the first broadcast of MTV.  We had a little cable box with two digits of red LED numbers we had to hook up to it.  We had it for about a month until we couldn’t afford it any longer.  Now I get pissed off when I have to turn my Wi-Fi off and on again to get my Netflix to Chromecast to my flat-screen!  Aaaargh!  What is this, the stone age?

I honestly believe that if we suddenly got knocked back to no tech, as a species, we probably couldn’t do it again.  The reason humans have done so well, is that rather than relying solely on adapting to our environment, we’ve been able to adapt our environment to us.  But I think we’ve become over-reliant on the second part of that.  If the things we invented to adapt our environment to us were gone, I think we’d go the way of all the other species we’ve wiped out.

Luckily, I don’t see that happening.  I doubt we’ll nuke ourselves, and if that happened, we’d likely die in the blasts, the radiation, or starve from nuclear winter rather than worry about rebuilding the grid that may have been damaged due to EMP.  We might have to do without for a few days due to some attack on infrastructure, but there are plenty of people who would be called out to fix it in that event.

Besides, at this rate, in a couple years, our phones will serve as a missle defense shield and infrastructure repair device.  I’m pretty certain some developer is working on a climate restoral app for Android as I type this.

The future, and my screen, looks bright, even if it looks a little glitchy.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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