Recipe: Egg On My Face

To try this delectable dish, you will need an over-reaction, a misunderstanding, a couple of typos, and someone with no ability to keep his mouth shut.  (Me.)

Pre-heat your temper to 1,000 degrees.

Be sure to get offended too easily, and make sure you turn your interpretation skills to off.

Now read something, and attack the author because you failed to understand the intent of what was written.

Make sure you do so in as public of a manner as possible-perhaps in a blog-type-thing post.

Get someone to point out that you likely misinterpreted the material you read.

Re-read the material and realize that yes, you likely did misinterpret the material.

Realize you are an asshole.

Realize you are me.

Feel stupid, and bad.

Congratulations!  You’ve made Egg On My Face!  Now take a picture and share your creation on Instagram or Pinterest.

Artist's interpretation
Artist’s interpretation

So I owe Moliere an apology.  I was the one who read incorrectly, not him.  You should check out his blog, the writing is very good.  I’m not just saying that because I feel like an asshole.  You can read it here.

Sorry, Moliere.  It’s not you, it’s me.

My dear reader(s), please remember my recipe whenever you are tempted to defensively address something.  It is the perfect recipe if you too, would like egg on your face.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

3 thoughts on “Recipe: Egg On My Face”

  1. One of the marks of a man is someone who is able to acknowledge when they’ve been….a tad too hasty in calling someone out. Darwin knows I am not unfamiliar to that charge! As I said, what you have to say – and the way you chose to present it – is worth continued reading.For the others who left comments based on well intentioned whatever, my own blog is full of reason and somewhat idiosyncratic – coping with severe brain injury one week, something more inclusive the next -for instance, ‘Is Peppa Pig mind control?’ (A UK only animated pre=schoolers cartoon)

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