Open Letter To Express Scripts, Update

As some of you may know, my post, “Open Letter To Express Scripts” received the attention of Express Scripts social media department.  They left a comment on that post with an email address stating they’d like to help.  I want expecting much, and predictably, they lived up to my expectations.

Since they did not give me permission to share their correspondence with you, I will only share the final email I fired off to them.  I have edited out the name of the company that is the insurer, as they are self-insured but use Express Scripts to administer the coverage.  (I don’t think they deserve the bad-publicity, as they are probably unaware of the decisions being made on their behalf.)  I have also edited for spelling and grammar, as I was really pissed off and didn’t proof the email before hitting “Send”.

So I present to you, my last email response to Express Scripts, so that you can infer what their “help” consisted of, and so you may understand how something like this could happen to you.  Please spread the word about the dangers of managed care based on corporate interests.

Yes, I didn’t expect any help.

You can believe there will be an appeal.   Just because my provider has resorted to a lower dose as a POSSIBLE way to mitigate the damage Gabapentin will cause to my already low blood counts, does not mean it is the best course of action.

This decision actually costs the insurer money (since (company) is self-insured and you and UHC only administer their plans) because (company) will have to pay for the additional monitoring required, as well as the Neupogen shots should I fall into the Neutropenic range.

Furthermore, once this medicine at this dose proves to be ineffective, (company) will STILL end up paying for the Lyrica (an almost certain inevitability), & the only thing that is gained is more suffering on my part in the mean time, as well as possible danger to my health.

The bottom line here, is that my doctor prescribed this medication for me, for a REASON.

I am beyond frustrated at this point.  You better believe there will be an appeal.

Please do not contact me again.

I will continue to share my opinion of this decision and your company, until everybody knows that we are living under corporate managed care and their doctor’s decisions are being overridden by the wishes of shareholders.

How do you sleep at night?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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