I’ve been trying really hard to avoid bringing up this topic.  I’ve tried to ignore it.  I’ve distanced myself from any one who I thought might want to talk about it.  I’ve kept away from any news sources that may be covering it.  I’ve basically been hiding under my pillow hoping the 300 lb gorilla in the room would just get bored and leave.  But it hasn’t.  Despite all my attempts at avoidance, despite trying so desperately to distract away from it, it just continues to follow me.  And so, I feel it is finally time that I share my thoughts on the matter.  I’m so sorry to offend anyone.  To my loyal reader(s), if you feel you can no longer enjoy my posts (although I still find it hard to believe you ever did), I will understand.  For those who actually Followed my blog-type-thing (did you click the wrong button?), I will not hold you in a negative light if you were to unfollow after reading what I have to say about this.

For my opinion, and the reasoning I will offer for that opinion likely flies in the face of all that you hold to be moral and right.  It will likely go against all of the traditional values.  It will certainly cause you to question my sanity.  It may even make you believe in true evil.

I’m not proud of the opinion I will be offering to you.  Yet, there is no other opinion on this vital subject that I could rationally arrive at.  I don’t expect to convert you to my way of thinking, I just merely feel the need to speak up for what I believe.  I’m fully prepared for the persecution I am likely to endure as a result.

For society has always attacked those who spoke out against its accepted injustices.  History is rife with examples of the righteous meeting horrendous ends at the hands of the masses who would later come to realize the error of their ways.  Great men and women who spoke the truth before the people were ready to hear it.  Heroes, who were treated as villains, just because they sought to teach.

I’m no hero, however.  If I were, I wouldn’t have kept silent for so long on a matter of such importance.  I would not have let my fear keep me from using my voice.  I would have ignored the advice of my staff, the focus groups, and the pollsters, and spoken out, even at the expense of my standing.  No, I’m no hero.  I’m just an ordinary man who can remain silent no longer.

For as the great John Johnson Johnston once said, “It is only after the laryngitis is cured, that our voices find their strength.”  Well, I can assure you, my laryngitis is no more, and I am ready to shout!  I will speak my words until my voice gives out, or until my vocal chords develop polyps that have to be surgically removed, and my vocal chords rested until they fully heal, and then I will speak out once again!

Silence on this issue may be the safe move, but it is time to face the danger.  For there is no greater danger than never taking a risk.

I want my loved ones to know, should I fall to those who wish to keep me quiet, that I stood in the face of my oppressors, and spoke out.  Not for me, but for them.  For my loved ones, for your loved ones, and yes, even for you.  Even as you try to keep me quiet, I will speak for you, until I can speak no more.

The time for self-censorship, the time for political correctness, the time for carefully prepared remarks put before focus groups so as not to offend, has passed.  For if you obscure the message in such a way as to not upset anyone, you lose the message.  You can’t please all of the people all of the time.  You have to break a few eggs if you want to make an omelet.  You have to use a few cliches if you want to write a blog-type-thing.

And so I ask you to prepare yourself as I boldly say what so desperately needs to be said.  I ask that you try to keep an open mind, though I do not expect it.  But perhaps one day, after I have suffered for my views and the world has moved forward, your children, or your children’s children will find that one man, one ordinary man, extraordinarily raised his voice in the face of overwhelming opposition.  And though his views were near universally ridiculed, they will know then that he dared to speak the truth.  And though his words fell on deaf ears, a seed was planted.

So I may not change any minds.  I may not even be heard at all.  Sharing this opinion, this truth, with you may even put me at great peril.  But it must be spoken, it must be shared.  If for nothing else, than to provide an example for others, that find themselves on the wrong side of public opinion, but in the right of their convictions.

For we only have the freedom to speak if we have the courage to act on that freedom.  No document, no amendment, no right can exist if it goes unused.

And so, I can hesitate no longer.  I have waited already too long.  The issue can be ignored no longer.  There will be no more delays.  There will be no more stalling.

So today, January 26th, in the year 2015, I announce to you the truth I feel in my heart, the opinion I have on this vital issue, unpopular though it may be, I say unto you, and the world…that I like pizza, because I think it tastes good.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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