When Josh left for The Underground that first night, he did not have the purest intentions.  He was looking for a good time.  After his divorce, the furthest thing from his mind was a relationship.  To be honest, he had sworn off relationships all together.  He was looking for a good time.  He was not desperate or immoral enough to take advantage of one of the Woo-girls, but he wanted nothing more than casual fun.

Even after being so intrigued by the strange “Hold me like a baby” incident, and the beautiful woman who said those words to him; and even after pursuing her at The Cantina Los Tres Hombres, the great chemistry, and their amazing kiss, he wasn’t looking for anything serious.

Josh was never the type of guy who enjoyed one-night-stands either.  He was not the “player” type (or whatever term the kids use today).  He didn’t want to take advantage of anyone, he just wanted to keep things casual.  He wondered for a brief second if that was something he’d have to explain to her, but put it out of his mind as they left the now out of business Cantina for the last time.

Josh had consumed a few drinks and was just about to ask for Hannah’s phone number, so he could give her one final kiss goodbye before calling a cab to take him home.  He did kiss her again, but was interrupted by, “Hey!  What are you doing?”

“What?”  Josh asked his friend as he pulled his lips from Hannah.

“You’re coming back to the house.  We’re all going back there and I can drive you back to your car in the morning,” said his friend, Hannah’s sister, who, for the purposes of this story and because it’s her name, we’ll call Drea.

“But I was just going to call a cab and-”

“Please?” Hannah interrupted.

“You can drive?” Josh asked to Drea.

“Yeah, I barely drank anything,” she responded.

Josh didn’t need to consider it very long.  In their talking earlier in the night, he was told that Hannah was living with Drea.  He also knew he wouldn’t have to pay the cab fare two times, so that was a bonus.  He didn’t want the night to end.  And most importantly of all, he was being asked to go back with Hannah to her place.

So he got into Drea’s truck with Drea, one of her friends, and Hannah.  He was relieved to find that Drea was indeed okay to drive.  He fought the urge to spend the entirety of the short drive making out with Hannah, and opted instead to talk and joke with Drea, and her friend.  The logistics would’ve been difficult too, considering Hannah was up front next to Drea and Josh was in the back with her friend.

They arrived back at Drea’s house, where Hannah was staying.  They all went to the living room and talked for a while.  It was a good time and Josh was feeling very comfortable.  He liked talking with Drea.  He was glad that she still had the qualities he liked about her in high school.  He liked all her friends.  They reached out to him and immediately made him feel welcomed into their circle.  Josh knew his social anxiety could make him seem stand-offish at first, but they pushed right through that.  And as they sat and talked, Josh would continue to sneak glances and smiles at the beautiful Hannah sitting next to him on the couch.  He was happier than he had been in years.

Eventually, the night wound down.  Drea’s husband arrived home from the post-closing duties, her friend left to go home, and Drea and her husband went to their room.  Everyone was tired.  Everyone, except that is, Josh and Hannah.

They were alone.  Josh, trying to act the gentleman, went against his hormones and explained he would just crash there on the couch, & she could go off to her room if she was tired.

She replied with exactly what he wanted to hear.  “I’m not tired yet.  Are you?”

“No,” he smiled.

She sat next to him on the couch.  They would talk for a while, joke for a while, and passionately kiss for a while.  After about an hour of this, Hannah got up and said, “I’m just going to go slip into something more comfortable.”

Josh’s pulse quickened.  He knew exactly what that meant.  “Slip into something more comfortable?!?”  He had heard that line just before the gratuitous sex scene in about a hundred different movies.  He couldn’t believe how things were progressing, but was enjoying every second of it.

As he waited on the couch for her return, his mind filled with images of her walking out in some sexy lingerie, and him taking her in a passionate embrace.  He imagined things that would not be fit for print in this family-friendly blog-type-thing.

And then she came back into the room.  He prepared himself for the scene he was certain would unfold.  He looked up from the couch to see her returning to the room in this.


Fluffy Christmas pants.  She was also wearing a teal tank-top.  Her hair was put up, and she had exchanged her contacts for a pair of glasses.

In his head, he could not stop laughing.  He didn’t want her to think it was because of how she looked now, so he kept his laughter inside his head.  It wasn’t about the way she looked either.  She actually looked beautiful.  In fluffy Christmas pants, glasses, and a tank-top, she looked absolutely beautiful.  No, he wasn’t laughing on the inside because of that.  He was laughing at his expectations.  He was laughing at the words she used, a known segue into moving the night into a sexual direction.  Known to him, but apparently not to her.

She honestly meant what she said.  She slipped into something more comfortable.  She was comfortable enough around him to come out in her comfortable clothes.  Josh knew his fantasy of what would happen would not occur that night.  And as they talked and joked and kissed until morning, he knew his original intention of casual fun was not going to occur either.  And he was really comfortable with that.

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Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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