Lack of Focus

Some of you may have noticed that I almost never post on Fridays.  I am well aware how stupid that makes the title of this blog-type-thing.  Honestly, it wasn’t on purpose.  My intention was to post at the end of every week on all the thoughts I had about the events that occurred.  Yeah, that didn’t last.  Some weeks I was just too busy.  Some weeks, nothing much happened.  Some weeks, so much happened that I was too overwhelmed to post.  Some weeks, whatever I wanted to post about just couldn’t wait until Friday.

Then, I got the cancer.  Days of the week meant absolutely nothing to me.  There are Fridays I don’t even remember.  If I was lucid and wanted to post, I figured I’d better post while the posting was good.

I, at one point, considered focusing this blog-type-thing exclusively on cancer and the ways it has changed me, but that story wouldn’t fit here.  It will be told, but not here.  I will post about it occasionally, because it is one of the major things that has (and continues to) define my life, but it is also something I do my best to get away from now and then.

So please allow me to apologize to you, my dear readers, for my lack of focus and posting consistency.  I do understand how my actions can be detrimental to your overall enjoyment of this blog-type-thing.

I do intend to make this up to you.  I have decided, as of today, that I will add a new post to this blog-type-thing every single day, until I don’t.  And that’s a guarantee!

Unfortunately for you, life is full of compromise.  Because I will be posting everyday until I don’t, I can make no promises as to the quality of said posts.  This is writing practice for me, and likely most everything I write will just be crap spewed out by my smartphone’s keyboard.  Luckily for you though, somewhere in this pile of word feces, you may find something that makes you think, makes you laugh, or makes you question your sanity for reading this.  Or, maybe not.  But keep looking anyway, because it makes me happy.  As much as I love you, my dear readers, this is all about me anyway.

I also have to inform you that I still don’t intend to focus on one or two subjects.  Yes, I know this goes against one of the cardinal rules of blog-type-thinging.  I know that by not focusing on one or two subjects that I will never gain a huge following for my blog-type-thing, because people like to read what they are interested in.  But you, my dear readers, you are better than them.  You have an open mind.  They are closed-minded jerks who close themselves off to subjects they already don’t care about.  They are the people who form their opinions based on what the people on TV say their opinion should be.  They are scared of anything that is new to them.  But not you, my dear readers.  You are open-minded, intelligent, and brave.

Have I kissed your ass enough for you to keep reading?  Good.  No?  I love you.  Now?

So you see, I prefer QUALITY readers over QUANTITY.  I just hope you don’t prefer quality posts over quantity, because that’ll be a problem.

“Is there a point to all this rambling, or is it all about your blog-type-thing and how the name makes no sense, you’ll be posting more often, and that some of the posts likely won’t be any good?”

Well, I’m so glad I anticipated that you would ask.  (Even if you didn’t.)

There is a point.  Besides being a heads-up on what to expect in the future from me until such time as I deem it no longer necessary to do the things I told you to expect which may occur, with or without notice..I wanted to prepare you for this blog-type-thing’s new ability (thanks to the increased posting frequency) to react more quickly to current events, in a much more relevant way.  It will also allow for intelligent, thoughtful conversation on those events while they are still fresh in all of our minds.

So, with the overly long explanation out of the way, on to the REAL topic of today’s post:

So did you guys hear about that shit in France?  Pretty fucked up, huh?

Wasn’t that awesome?!?  I could have never given you, my dear readers, such thoughtful, important, & current views and discussion opportunity with the format of yore.

You can thank me in the comments, by sharing my blog-type-thing with your friends and casual acquaintances, by sending me large amounts of money, or by doing all of the above.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I look forward to crapping out many more words from my phone’s keyboard for your reading pleasure, however, I want to remind you that this in no way constitutes a writer-reader contract, and that the existence of this blog-type-thing is at-will, and may be terminated at any time.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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    1. Yes, only a few were done on a computer. My laptop broke a while ago, but even then, it was mostly on my phone. Oh, and gee, thanks.


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