I should be a writer!

So.  I took a quiz on Facebook today that said my career should be a writer.  Apparently that quiz is unaware of my already wildly successful blog here with a readership of up to six whole people.  I also took a vocabulary quiz on there, (I’m sure you know it), that said my vocabulary is in the 99th percentile because I recognized certain words.  Never mind the fact that I never use those words, I just know what they mean.  I don’t think that is a required skill for a good writer.  Who cares what a word means if you never use it?  No, in actuality my vocabulary is more like that of trucker.  I am fond of “bad words” because I have a strong belief that actions, not words, are what are truly offensive.

Time for a rapid change of subject.  Are you ready?  Good.  My stomach has gotten better and I think I’m going to make the Reno trip after all!  I’m very excited, despite the fact that I absolutely hate Reno.  We will spend a couple days in Grass Valley for a wedding so that will be fun.  I also will be picking up the Beastess, so that will be awesome.  (For those unaware, the Beastess is my Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, that I love like a family member).  It will also be good to see some of my old friends while I’m in town as well as my dad.

Just the fact that I’m able to drive again is really a miracle of modern medicine.  Months ago, I thought it might never happen.  All of the medication and complications from cancer and the transplant made me wonder if I’d ever make it back to this level again, but here I am, so Ha!  Take that cancer, you fucking fuck!  Some people say it gets better everyday, but those people are lying.  The truth is, you get better than worse then a little better then the last time you got better, then worse again, then better but not as better as last time, then worse, then better than last time and so on, but the overall direction is better.

So.  The big question.  Eventually, I WILL get better enough to where even the back steps aren’t so crippling.  When I do, I will want to get off this crappy disability and do something with the rest of what will hopefully be a long and meaningful life.  But what?  Facebook thinks I should be a writer, but if this blog is any indication, Facebook is wrong.  I’d rather be a musician, but I can’t sing, my lyrics suck, and the songs I write are just a little too complicated for my guitar abilities to play all the way through successfully every time.  I love to drum, and have even gotten good at it, but that takes playing with other musicians which is the part of the work I can’t stand.  I just don’t like drugs that much.  So what now?  Part of me wants to be a radiology tech or nurse or something, but I wonder if I would be able to handle knowing that my patients weren’t going to fare as well as I did.  I’m in pain, I’m sick, but I’m getting better so slowly over all.  Some people won’t.  Can I handle that?

Well, the good news, which is really bad news but in this case the silver lining is that I probably won’t be ready to work for a while still, so I’ve got time to figure it out.  In the mean time, I guess I’ll just keep writing My Friday Blog on most days other than Friday, because that’s when I feel good enough to do it.

What do you think I should do?  Feel free to comment or contact me to help me decide the direction of my life.  Do you see how much I trust you, my dear reader(s)?