If you believed in fairy tales,

Then I’m sorry to be the one to take that from you.  It seems a lot of the wonderful people I’ve surrounded myself since my diagnosis must have believed in fairy tales or happy endings or that the kid writing the story always gets better because otherwise-well it just wouldn’t be fair would it?  And life is supposed to be fair!  Do good things and good things will happen!  Karma is real!  And then you learn about the millions of children who get their first breath before dying, the disease, hunger, and war we allow to proliferate that kills millions more.  Children.  Justifiably killed for living in the wrong place.

Okay, so alright Mr. Gloomy, why then should you survive this leukemia, or myelodisplastic  syndrome, or whatever the monstrous thing has become…why should YOU survive it?

Good question.  Because I’m nice?  Because I try not to immediately shatter people’s innocent belief’s in fairy tales and the like?  Because I use proper manners except while driving but believe strongly that passes are issued for misbehaving while driving?  Because I live in the right hemisphere?  (Which is the left when viewing it on a map).




She is the reason I deserve to beat this.  This beautiful woman has watched my hair fall out twice, has picked me up every time I’ve fallen, has heard doctors give numbers as high as 90 and as low as 30, has made sure that the medications I needed were administered in a timely manner, has administered many of those medications herself, has cooked for me has cleaned for me and has even cleaned up after me after a very bad course had its effects on me.

And now as they tell me I’ll need a second transplant and I start questioning whether or not I can survive a second one, she is right there to tell them to get it right this time.

She is making a last-minute friend/family visit and I love and miss her so much.

When she returns, pray the doctors have good news for her.  She may look like an innocent little bunny, but believe me, she is my whole reason I’ve gotten as far as a have.  It is hard to give up when you have that beautiful angel by your side DEMANDING you make it!