The God Thing

So, since it has come up quite a bit lately, I thought I would go ahead and outline my beliefs for everyone.  Many of my more religious friends have been praying for me since I found out I got sick.  Let me start by making it clear that I really do appreciate all of the prayers, thoughts, vibes, etc…  Despite what I know some of you think, I also believe they make a difference.  Just because we may not have the exact same idea of what or who God is, doesn’t mean that I do not believe sincere prayers can’t help.

But how can this be, you ask?  Well, let me tell you what I do and do not believe.  By the end, I am hoping that you will be able to understand that my beliefs are not a threat to yours, and neither are most of those who also do not share your belief.

I guess the easy way to tell you what I believe is to start by telling you what I do not believe.  I do not believe that books, written on behalf of deities, can be trusted absolutely.  The word of God, filtered through man, would be flawed by man’s imperfections, therefore, do not ever try to quote from a book in order to convince me of what I should or should not believe.  I do not believe that millions of people who believe differently from myself or anyone else are necessarily completely wrong, because I believe we are all wrong in an aspect or two.  And I do not believe we know where we are wrong.  I do not believe that God is short of cash, mister.  I do not believe that God is as actively involved in the day to day goings on here on Earth as most people think.  I think there is free will, I think that some things are part of the plan, but occasionally, I think God can intervene.  I do not believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old.  I do not believe the Earth was created in 7 literal days.  I do not believe that humans have not and do not continue to evolve.

So what do I believe?  Well, put simply, I believe that God is energy.  I believe that energy always has, and always will exist.  I believe in the Big Bang, but I don’t believe that was the beginning.  The energy was there.  Something had to create that first particle.  Something had to cause it to explode.  I believe that something is energy.  And I don’t think anything created it, it always has been there.  It is God.  God is everywhere.  God flows through us at all times.  I believe that energy causes things to happen, but I also believe energy can be manipulated to make things happen.  So fate and free will both exist.  But there are some things one may not be able to change.  Science now has theories that thought can physically manipulate energy.  That a stream of consciousness can actually cause something to happen.  This to me, is why your prayers and thoughts matter to me, even if the God you pray to isn’t the image of what I believe God to be.  I believe that new theories in science regarding infinite alternate universes help to reconcile the concepts of Heaven and Hell, and life after death.  I think it also helps reconcile the beliefs of those people who believe in reincarnation, and the beliefs of those who believe in almost any other life after death concept.  I believe that science will never have all the answers, but that science is the correct method for searching for those answers.  I believe that science has proven itself, since I am typing this on my laptop, made possible only through scientific achievement.  If science disproves my beliefs, I will have to alter them.

I don’t want to die.  I like my life.  On hard days, I may not want to face the world, but I still enjoy being alive.  I am not about to give up things in this life, for the possibility that that things will be better in another.  I try to be a good person.  I am not sadistic, and have a good sense of empathy, so I really don’t think it is all that difficult.  Not to say that I am always a good person, I have been a jerk more than once.  But as long as I keep trying to do the right thing, I’m not particularly concerned.  I don’t need to think that if I’m not a good person that I will burn, or that if I am good I will experience eternal bliss in Heaven to do it.  I try to be a good person because I can put myself in the shoes of who I affect.  But, if my beliefs are right, and my consciousness moves on and the next universe is a happy one, then hey, bonus.  My faith is strong, but only in that I know there is SOMETHING out there we do not yet understand.  My faith in my beliefs as to what that is, is not strong enough to forgo fully enjoying this life in the hopes of experiencing another.

So that is basically what I believe.  I don’t think anyone has the right to be offended by it, just as I am not offended by what you believe.  If you are, and this is all blasphemy to you, tough shit.  I don’t live in Pakistan for a reason.