Okay bitches; let’s get right to it, lots to talk about.

Today, Friday, 3/9/12:


First, read that.  Now I certainly am not appalled about some lack of privacy issue here, as the writer says, “Social media is almost the equivalent of speaking loudly at a crowded party”.  What does upset me is the complete and utter waste of time and resources the government is spending launching investigations because of word triggers that would keep them from better utilizing the time and resources to fight actual terrorists.  It occurs to me that I have likely had a few posts here or there flagged because of words on this list.  Which gets me thinking, if you are also opposed to the government randomly spying on US citizens instead of targeting people who, I don’t know, have ties to terrorist groups or countries that sponsor terrorism…why not point out to the DHS the folly of their ways?  We can talk all day long about how it is likely ineffective, plays right into the terrorists plan of getting us to overreact and bankrupt our country by hiring analysts to dig through haystacks for a shiny pin they will likely miss in this haystack of information anyway, or we can SHOW them.

Here is how I see this going down:  You, me, and anyone we can convince to join us (particularly those who have nothing to fear from an FBI investigation (Big deal, you guys found out I like adults-only hardcore porn and have some fetishes that you don’t share…scary!)) start posting today, multiple times, on our Facebooks, Twitters, LinkedIns, MySpaces, (if it still exists), etc… words that are on this watch list or likely would be.  The key is, use them completely innocently, just enough to flag the little computer program and make someone spend physical time looking at your posts.  Then the analysts will complain to Michael (I believe myself to be High Lord and Protector of America) Chertoff that they are wasting time looking at all this increased “chatter” and it is keeping them from their real jobs, of say…examining the people who threaten to kill for using some supposed prophet’s image or likeness, name, or whatever other backwards-ass superstition they have a problem with.

Here is the post I will likely start with:  “So glad that US Border Security is good and people do not try to smuggle Dirty bombs into San Diego or elsewhere.  Terror is like an infection and must be decapitated.”  That is 6 or more words on the list.  Now think about what happens when a lot of people post it.

Thursday, 3/8/12:

International Women’s Day!  Now the GOP can try and keep them from gaining access to contraception in more countries than ever!  Also, to all my friends that are posting the KONY2012 video…just stop, sit down, and learn about it before you go spreading the fancy YouTube video.  The LRA is hardly active in the region and losing for quite some time, we already have special forces looking for him, the US can’t save every one of the 80% of people in this world living in oppressive regimes (& we might make that list), it is sad what has transpired but is about 15 years too late, & posters on one day will not change this.

Wednesday, 3/7/12:

I love my job, when I am allowed to do my job and do not have to catch people lying and being underhanded in the course of doing so.  That is all.

Tuesday, 3/6/12:

Today I am thinking about Hannah.  I am thinking about how much I love that she is a real person and not just the half of a couple including myself.  She has not morphed into being me and I have not morphed into being her.  She still has her Hannah-isms, (6 and a half dozen of one or the other) she still disagrees with me on a lot of things, she gets as disgusted with the co-dependent qualities of some people as I do, and I just really love her a lot.  I know I COULD live without her, but I am happy that I don’t.  I love that we both believe that just because you are part of a couple, family, group, etc…, you do not fail to exist as an individual.

Monday, 3/5/12:

I used to have a lot of friends; we would go places and hang out all the time.  I wonder what happened?  Oh well, at least I have a guitar, three chords, and the truth.  My guitar is black.  Oh, and drums.  And a laptop.

Sunday, 3/4/12:

Leave it to the day I get 4 hours of sleep the night before for everyone and their sister or brother or cousin to call out.  So busy.  No sun because no windows.  So tired.  Grrrrr. Lame post for a lame day.  Deal.  Grrrr.

Saturday, 3/3/12:

Today was supposed to be fun.  Hannah was going to a concert in Tahoe with her girlfriends, I was going to get together with some friends and have a few drinks, maybe do some karaoke, hit the new indoor trampoline park, and just generally have a great time.  The problem was when I realized that I do not seem to have any friends.  Ugh.  So instead, I played with my laptop, recorded today’s entry with the webcam for a VLOG type experience and made it really funny, (then somehow managed to not save it, hence your extreme disappointment), and stayed up late while surfing educational materials on Reddit; never once going to the NSFW areas.  Honest.

Stay tuned for next week’s entry as I know it will just be super awesome for all!


Friday, March 2nd, 2012, or How I Met Your Mother’s Best Friend.

Hello there!  I’m glad you happened to have stumbled across my little blog today, because I always enjoy the company of fine people such as yourself.  I just poured myself a cocktail, so let me pour one for you.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy my babbling about the week that was, up until today, in reverse chronological order.

Today, Friday, 03/02/2012:

The thing on my mind this day is sex.  Not in a dirty, what is always on my mind kind of way…but sex used as a political fear tactic.  To start this post, I suppose I should let you know that my belief system is based on the premise that, not only is sex for pleasure not wrong, it is in fact the very thing that sustains my mental health and spiritual well being.  If you believe that the only purpose for having sex is to reproduce…shut off your computer, walk away, and take your very boring and uninteresting life, because I feel sorry for you.  Many people in the Republican Party have been trying to make it seem as though anyone who believes that one should be able to have sex without the fear of bringing an unwanted child onto this already overpopulated planet is someone who should not be tolerated.  I simply can’t tolerate that.  I respect their right to have bad sex only when trying to make babies, they need to respect my right to fuck for fun.  The Obama administration, has decided that employers (as part of providing health insurance to their employees), must include contraception in their plans, (or for religious organizations that employ people), at least have a provision that allows the employee to add on individual coverage for contraception if their backwards-ass religious beliefs prohibit the idea that one can fuck for fun.  Rush Limbaugh has decided that this is the equivalent of asking for money to have sex (nice little leap there), and calls women in favor of this idea sluts and prostitutes.  Millions of “conservatives” agree.

So let’s talk about being a conservative.  Let’s talk about the party that claims to want a smaller government.  Let’s talk about the party that claims to be full of God-fearing Christians.  You see, Christians, (if they follow Christ), know that they cannot judge until they themselves are free of sin, (which they also know they cannot be).  Smaller government works across all facets, not just financially, but what happens in someone’s bedroom.  Let me make this clear, these Republican candidates aren’t just calling for doing away with the rule about companies having to offer contraceptive coverage, some are calling for banning contraception all together.  Hardly seems like that additional regulation leads to smaller government.  And part of the word conservative is conserve.  This is the party that denies a link between man and global warning.  This is a party that claims an oil sands pipeline will end our dependence on foreign oil and create jobs even though the oil is foreign (last I checked we had not annexed Canada), the amount of jobs they claim are exaggerated (even according to the company’s own study), and the oil extraction process produces more pollution than shipping regular oil from the middle east.  This is the party that asks Americans to pray for victims of the freak tornadoes in early March across the South, but turn around and say that Earthquake victims in Haiti brought God’s wrath upon themselves.  They also deny that the pattern of extreme and odd weather and the increase in these freak events could have anything to do with the massive amounts of pollution their industry friends dump into our air every day.

I was a delegate for Obama in 2008.  The last few years have been tough, because I have felt let down by him.  I have not seen the kind of change that I was promised.  But today I have made up my mind that I will vote for him again.  I am not a Democrat, but I will never vote Republican as long as this party continues to give voice to those who would trample the rights of women and non-Christians.  And as long as they continue to deify ignorance.

Thursday, 03/01/2012:

Today I noticed that the construction zone on 395 Southbound has been considerably shortened to the area just before and after the lane diversion where people are actually working.  I figure this must have happened by court order as the entire construction zone before hadn’t had any work going on for at least 90 days.  Someone must have got a ticket, fought it on the basis that you can’t have a construction zone without construction, and won.  Wonder how NDOT and NHP will survive without the additional revenue.

Wednesday, 02/29/2012:

Leap Day!  I am saddened to hear of the passing of Davy Jones today, and have reached out to Marcia Brady to provide as much comfort as she needs in this most difficult time for her.

Tuesday, 02/28/2012:

Slow gradually into the curve; accelerate at the apex on the way out.  Breaking just makes you slide more, you idiots!!!!!!  That said, the snow up in the Sierras is still way below average so I am preparing to hear about nothing else locally for the next 7 years.

Monday, 02/27/2012:

Everyone is back at work; maybe those additional hires are not necessary after all.  Except, I guess, to cover when 14 people have to go on leave at the same time again in the future.  Glad everyone is back, now if only I could draw without threat of the camps.

Sunday, 02/26/2012:

Back to work after a week of extreme sickness, still not 100%, but at least I can breathe.  Sadly, I kind of missed it.  Maybe I was just really bored.

Saturday, 02/25/2012:

Good Filipino soup and American banana splits.  Great game of Cranium in which we dominated!  Okay, fine, winning by one question both in the center is not dominating, but I will take it.  All in all a good day interacting with good friends before my triumphant return to the office.

Well friends, until next time, take it easy, or take it hard, or give it easy or hard.  Whatever, it is up to you.  I don’t care how you do it, I’m not Republican.