2/24/12, or the beginning of the end of the middle section of the introduction

Remember me?

Me neither, but I’m back anyway and ready to give you my take on the events of the past week and anything else I may want to write about here because I can.  So let’s count the week backwards and vomit my thoughts about it onto this here fancy computer screen for the enjoyment and education of all mankind, shall we?

Today, Friday, 2/24/12:

Right now the main thought going through my super-computer like head is the hysteria surrounding and contributing to the high price of gas.  I would like to thank the media for blowing this story through the roof and escalating the cycle of worry and high prices.  Does anyone, anyone really, for even a moment, expect Iran to close off the Strait of Hormuz to oil shipments?  How successful do you think they would be in doing so?  I have a hunch our Navy would not really allow much of that.  Now, if you want to fear that escalating into a wider war with Iran, causing terrorist attacks and all sorts of bad stuff, be my guest, but the oil will flow relatively freely regardless.  It always does.  There will be no issues with supply for very long.  This isn’t the 70s, we won’t have to deal with a real embargo, so cut the BS.

Yesterday, Thursday, 2/23/12? yeah, that’s it:

Okay, so let’s talk about the Quran or the Koran or whatever way you spell the book this week.  Today I found myself agreeing with Newt Gingrich for the first time in my life.  Creeped me out!  But before all you pee-tardiers start going off about how bad Obama is I suppose I should clarify that I only sort-of agree with Newt, and not for the reasons you think.  I don’t think Obama should apologize to Afghanistan for some of our troops accidentally burning a book because I think if the US is going to apologize to Afghanistan it should be for occupying their country, killing thousands of innocent civilians, trying to press a system of government on a people that is so backwards they honestly believe that it is worth killing when a freaking book gets burned, and letting the cause of the reason we went into that country in the first place escape the Tora Bora region and rebuild into a force that continues to terrorize their land.  I saw so many tweets (that is Twitter speak) about the murder of two US troops while Obama was apologizing yesterday, that it made me physically ill.  So right now, let’s get something clear:  No US troops in Afghanistan have been murdered since we INVADED their country.  Many have been killed in WAR, but not murdered.  Book burned or not.  I find it offensive that people there burn our flag and freak out so much over a book, but the people there do not live in civilization as you or I know it.  We really shouldn’t care what they think, until we have evidence that specific people are planning on attacking us.  Then we should fly a drone or missile or bomb over and kill them.  In the mean time, we should leave their pit of a country in their own hands.

Wednesday, 2/22/12:

That is a lot of 2s!  Did you know that Jeremy Lin played for the Reno Bighorns?  It’s true.  Did you know that Jeremy Lin plays in the NBA?  It’s true!  Did you know that the NBA is a professional basketball league where people play basketball for money?  It’s true!  Did you care?  Me neither!  It’s true!  UNTIL, I was flipping through the channels and landed on ESPN which at that time of the day (while home sick) was actually the most entertaining thing on, and saw some highlights of this guy who has made people in New York sort of care about basketball because he plays it sort of good and came out of sort of nowhere (Harvard, bet you never heard of it, but for sports I guess it is sort of nowhere) and has gone on to become a sort of star.  Then later, I was again flipping through the channels and saw something on Channel 8 (which I think is KOLO, or COLA or SOPA, KOALA, something like that) about Jeremy Lin having played for our very own Reno D League Team, the Reno Bighorns!  (Disclaimer:  I have been to a Bighorns game and found it to be less exciting and with about the same level of play as the SMS vs. Dilworth middle school basketball games of my 7th and 8th grade years.)  Anyway, this Jeremy Lin kid escaped the Reno Big Horns and is now playing at a sort of high level for a real NBA team.  And if anyone wants to know how, or why this kid is playing so well, re-read that part about him escaping Reno.  I believe every human is capable of greatness beyond their wildest imagination when they are working to never end up back in Reno.

Tuesday, 2/21/12:

The great plague.  Seriously, why the hell am I suddenly dying?  How is it that Hannah can almost function again?  What is wrong with my sinuses? I hope I don’t get fired.  Goodnight.

Monday, 2/20/12:

The great plague.  Seriously, why the hell am I suddenly dying?  What is wrong with my sinuses?  Poor Hannah is sick too.  Goodnight.

Sunday, 2/19/12:

Thought I could make it through work, but this thing is a lot worse than it started out to be.  I think it is sticking in my sinuses.  Surprise, Surprise.  Need to see an ENT.  Goodnight.

Saturday, 2/18/12:

Slept most of the day to go out tonight!  Even though I’m feeling kinda crappy, had the best steak ever at Harrah’s.  Also saw a funny comedy act at the Legacy.  Did both with my Hannah, so of course it was a good night!

Well thanks for visiting my new Friday blog!  I look forward to blogging more for you next week, when hopefully I will have not spent the vast majority of this week in bed trying to determine if the color of my snot means I should go see a doctor.  By the way, I did see a doctor, and this flu thing that everyone got DID turn into a sinus infection for me, like it always does.  I take my last antibiotic today, and my health has improved to the point that I can occasionally breathe again, my cough only scares animals within a 1 mile radius, and I can only do a convincing Batman within 4 hours of waking up.  Until next week…